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All Maps in Midnight Ghost Hunt, Ranked

Which Midnight Ghost Hunt map reigns supreme?

Each map in Midnight Ghost Hunt has unique traits that set it apart from the rest. But that means they aren’t all created equal. While there’s no advantage for either team given on any maps, some are more fun to play on than others. So, here are all maps in Midnight Ghost Hunt (1.0), ranked.

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Every Map in Midnight Ghost Hunt, Ranked

At its full release, Midnight Ghost Hunt has 10 maps. These are:

  • Mansion
  • Asylum
  • Ghost Ship
  • Theatre
  • Museum
  • Graveyard
  • School
  • Doll Factory
  • Carnival
  • Mall

We’ve ranked these below based on how many open versus closed spaces they have, as well as the variety of props available on each one.

10. Doll Factory

Doll attacking a hunter on the Doll Factory map in Midnight Ghost Hunt
Image via Vaulted Sky Games

Doll Factory has a lot of small spaces clumped together with one larger area. I find the most annoying part of this map is the conveyor belts, which are quite a hindrance for Hunters. Then, for Ghosts, the props available include a lot of dolls and boxes. I’d love to see more color added to this map, especially since it feels very brown and gray for a toy factory.

Naturally, there are plenty of toys as props. There are also a few larger props, like a vending machine and boxes, inside the factory. Navigating the factory itself has many narrow spaces due to the pathways, but the outside section is more open.

9. Mall

The Mall map in Midnight Ghost Hunt
Screenshot by GameSkinny

While I like the Mall map, it’s Christmas-themed. Because of this, it feels a little out of place during other seasons. Christmas in July brings it back into play, but aside from that, I like this map for the Christmas spirit it can bring during December.

In terms of design, Malls are great for this style of game. The large area of the main hall connects a bunch of smaller areas (stores) where a variety of props are available. The stores are full of smaller props, but in the open area of the halls, you have larger props like benches to use.

8. Graveyard

Hunters heading to their hunt in Midnight Ghost Hunt
Image via Vaulted Sky Games

Graveyard is a classic horror genre map. You have the above-ground section, which is rather open aside from mausoleums that you can duck into for a bit of quick cover. Then, there’s a crypt section comprised of hallways and filled with compact spaces and small alcoves.

The crypt is full of props to possess that — when running — make it difficult to keep track of which one is possessed. These include smaller props like candles and books, but also larger ones like statues. My biggest issue is how easy it is to block yourself in while going through the crypt area, especially if the Ghost team moved props near the doors.

7. Museum

Dinosaur skeleton in the museum map in Midnight Ghost Hunt
Image via Vaulted Sky Games

The first few times you play Museum, the amount of possible props feels overwhelming. Even with a lot of open areas and the ability to easily move from section to section, it’s tough to narrow down which props might be possessed.

You have the larger exhibit with the dinosaur skeleton, which is a massive prop. Then, there are smaller exhibits that offer more cover and smaller props, including decorative plants that blend in perfectly. The Flamethrower is incredibly useful for that reason since you can hit multiple props in a row with it while searching for Ghosts. It’s not a bad map, but there are definitely better ones.

6. Theatre

Theatre Stage in Midnight Ghost Hunt
Image via Vaulted Sky Games

The Theatre has a decent number of props, but I feel like there could’ve been more. One of the best Ghost strategies is hard to pull off in the Theatre because of its design. You don’t have as many small props or tight corners to sit in. On the other hand, the props are so normal for a theatre that it’s easy to pass by them without thinking they might be possessed as a Hunter.

There are a lot of chairs you can possess and spend time in the backrooms as, or you can head into the open area of the stage. Really, the biggest benefit of the stage being set up for a show is that no prop feels out of place there. Even if you dragged benches, plants, and a bunch of extra chairs to it.

5. Asylum

A long shot of the hallway in Midnight Ghost Hunts asylum map
Image via Vaulted Sky Games

The Asylum has a lot of hallways and a large courtyard at the center of it. While the underground section of it is a bit lackluster, the way the areas are set up and connected is great for both teams. The halls being closed and having multiple stairwells make it easy to use traps like Death Grip as a Ghost. But Hunters also have an easier time chasing Ghosts in spaces like hallways.

A lot of the available props are decorative, so they fit right into the background and become easy to miss. You have items like books, benches in the courtyard, IV sticks, and lit candles to choose from. Of all the maps, it fits right in the middle for ranking.

4. Carnival

Carnival ghosts on the carnival map
Image via Vaulted Sky Games

A haunted carnival is a prime horror setting that I’m so glad was included in Midnight Ghost Hunt‘s rotation. The rides are perfect hiding places for both Ghosts and Hunters. Then, the pathway areas are open enough to make chasing another player easy, while having enough turns and small spaces within rides that you can duck into and throw somebody off your trail.

This is one of my favorite maps, and part of the fun comes from the fact the rides can (and will) move. This movement tricks you into thinking there’s a player in that direction, so the map can really throw your tactics off when compared to other options. The variety of props to possess is also fun because there are a bunch of toy prizes, barrels, chairs, and even combat dummies with wooden swords.

3. School

Ghost attacking the Hunters' generator on the school map in Midnight Ghost Hunt
Image via Vaulted Sky Games

The School map is set during a prom night gone wrong. This means you have access to a large gym. Smaller classrooms, the library, and hallways provide more cover and opportunities for traps. With this variety, it’s perfect for being a Ghost or Hunter.

Chasing is easy, and hiding can be done fairly well with the mix of standard school props like books and lockers. However, possessing the science skeletons and vending machines takes the map up a notch, along with the option to hide in the half-broken disco ball.

2. Ghost Ship

Side of the ghost ship in Midnight Ghost Hunt
Screenshot by GameSkinny

One of the most unique traits of the Ghost Ship is the cannons. Ghosts can possess them, and fire cannonballs at Hunters. But the cannons are so large that they’re not overpowered either. A Hunter can easily kill a Ghost in a cannon, while the Ghost can also kill the Hunter from the cannon.

Additionally, you have the treasure cave that’s full of skulls, jewels, and even plain boxes for props and a lot of potential for laying traps. This map has a nice blend of open spaces like the ship’s deck and the beach, and enclosed spaces like the cave and rooms below deck for both teams to use. Altogether, the Ghost Ship is easily one of the best maps.

1. Mansion

Hunters being attacked by a suit of armor on the Mansion map in Midnight Ghost Hunt
Image via Vaulted Sky Games

How can you get more classic than a haunted mansion? Why, letting Ghosts possess suits of armor, of course! This isn’t the only map with suits of armor, but it’s the most fitting map for them. The foyer is huge and open, and the hallways can confuse you, making you run in circles or into the same set of rooms, which also provide cover and trap potential.

You have a ton of props to use, such as books, chairs, plants, and candles. If you want larger props other than the armor, you could even possess couches or the grand piano. The design and atmosphere of the Mansion are perfect for a game of haunted hide-and-seek. It’s a must-play map, but make sure you attack any suits of armor as a Hunter. They hurt.

That wraps up all maps in Midnight Ghost Hunt (1.0), ranked. After being in Early Access for about two years, it’s finally reached full release. As such, check out our Midnight Ghost Hunt guide hub as we work to update and add new content!

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