Alternative FF14 Soundtracks: Halatali

We get feisty, fiery, and a little bit charged for our alternative soundtrack to Halatali dungeon.
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We’re back with another blast of irreverent and eclectic alternative soundtracks to break the ennui of the same old music we hear time and time again as we spam Eorzea’s dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FF14).

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Next, we tackle FF14’s first non-story dungeon, Halatali. Therefore, we’ve lined-up a feisty, electrically charged, and flamin’ good playlist to get you through this dilapidated coliseum filled with all sorts of nasties.

1. “Gonna Fly Now (Theme from ‘Rocky’)” – Bill Conti

Pow! We open with the ultimate movie montage music. From the first of the iconic Rocky films, swap your sit ups and running up stairs for bashing imps and Doctores.

2. “Doctor Pressure” – Mylo/Miami Sound System

This fantastic mash-up of Gloria Estefan in her heyday and modern house-maestro Mylo, just seems right for taking down Doctores. NB. Contains explicit lyrics

3. “Doctor Jones” – Aqua

What? Would you rather “Barbie Girl”?

4. “Relight My Fire” – Take That

We’re staying firmly put in the 1990s with British super-boy band, Take That. As you fight Firemane, don’t forget to take down the adds quickly before they reach the pyre and AOE everyone.

5. “Fire” – Arthur Brown

A bit of 1960s psychedelic rock never hurt anyone, except for Arthur Brown himself. The infamous flaming helmet he wore to perform this number wasn’t insulated, causing him considerable pain.

 Arthur Brown: Hawt.

6. “Chain Reaction” – Diana Ross

As you work your way around the next part of the dungeon, you’ll need to be sure you don’t miss any of those chain winches.

7. “Here I Go Again” – Whitesnake

Whilst the Coliseum Vipers aren’t at all white, your party should definitely prioritise getting these down before the other mobs.

8. “Lightning Strikes” – Klaus Nomi

For the battle with the Thunderclap Guivre, we turn to Klaus Nomi: a German operatic counter-tenor and well-known pop figure on the 1980s New York scene. One of the first artists to fuse radical performance art with music, he paraded around in a rigid PVC suit and white face paint. Predating even the wacky outfits and shenanigans of Lady Gaga, his catchy songs and bizarre demeanour has made him an endearing cult figure, and is even considered one of the founders of post-modernism. Alas, he died of AIDs related illness in 1983.

9. “Electricity” – Elton John

For more electrifying battle music, we turn to Elton John and his score for the musical adaptation of Oscar-nominated British film Billy Elliot. This track is from the show-stopping dream-sequence which see young Billy literally fly across the stage. A must-see if you’re ever on Broadway or in the West End.

10. “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” – Elton John

We’re back with Elton to get you pumped for the final boss battle.

11. “Beat It” – Michael Jackson/Pomplamoose

Michael Jackson’s hit gets a quirky indie make-over courtesy of YouTube musicians, Pomplamoose.

12. “Fight For Your Right” – Beastie Boys

Yeah! Stick it to the man. Or rather, Tangata.

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