From Pixelmon to New Horizons: 10 Best Minecraft Modpacks With Quests

Finish tasks and earn rewards with these Minecraft modpacks with quests and progression.

A dragon attacking in the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2 modpack.
Image via Curseforge
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The constantly growing collection of Minecraft mods ensures there’s something for everybody, even if the result is something that doesn’t resemble the original game anymore. Players who like structure, progression, and maybe story will be interested in my list of the Top 10 Minecraft modpacks with quests.

Essential Quest-Based Modpacks for Minecraft: The 10 Best to Download and Play Now

10. Pixelmon

Arceus standing in the sunlight in the Pixelmon modpack.
Image via Curseforge

On the surface, Pixelmon simply looks like the most popular Pokemon-inspired modpack for Minecraft. Although it’s pretty open-ended and can be tackled however you like, there are quests with progression to push you along, mainly centered on with exploring the world and discovering its secrets. Various servers with add-on mods or even their own custom quests can provide fresh experiences, too.

9. DawnCraft

The Fire Giant boss in the DawnCraft modpack.
Image via Curseforge

One of the biggest and most commonly highlighted Minecraft modpacks is DawnCraft. Few packs come close to overhauling the game as this one does with its mix of new resources, bosses, and a Souls-like combat system. The cherries on top are the various quests to take on, ranging from story-based to over 100 engaging side quests.  

8. Prominence II

The title cover for the Prominence II modpack.
Image via Curseforge

If you want an ongoing quest experience, you might want to check out Prominence II. Designed to be an MMORPG, you can play through a campaign with multiple quests. Each month a new chapter is added to continue the story. Whether you’re playing solo or FTB with friends, this is a Minecraft modpack you can always come back to.

7. DarkRPG

A player using a flying machine in the DarkRPG mod.
Image via Curseforge

Similarly, DarkRPG is another Minecraft modpack that aims to add some MMORPG flavor to the game. You can create a guild for you and your friends, all while discovering new biomes and resources. A multitude of quests are also available to help you level up and become acquainted with the different mechanics this FTB lightweight modpack introduces.

6. SkyFactory 4

An image of a tree on a floating rock used on the start screen for the Sky Factory 4 modpack.
Image via Curseforge

If you’re like me and want a difficult challenge with specific objectives, SkyFactory 4 is a treat. Like other skyblock mods, you start off stuck on a tree in the middle of the sky. From there, you make use of what few resources you have to expand.

What helps this stand out are the different mechanics to work with. From a variety of new trees to custom advancement, progression systems, and even time machines. Follow the tasks at hand, and you’ll soon realize nothing else comes close to building so much out of so little.

5. Stoneblock

The StoneBlock modpack cover image, showing a farm and other areas inside a stone room.
Image via Curseforge

Following in the same vein as the previous Minecraft modpack is StoneBlock. The idea is the same, but the catch here is that you’re stuck and entirely surrounded by stone blocks. You’ll need to complete quests to earn new resources, build more things, and accomplish new objectives.

4. Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles

A top-view of different dungeon layouts from the Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles modpack.
Image via Curseforge

It’s not uncommon for magic and technology to come together in Minecraft modpacks, but few do it better than the appropriately named Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles. You’ll need to master both to take advantage of a horde of additional mechanics, such as a new food system, extended crafting tables, and various forms of power generation.

The main reason I’m including it here is for the abundant number of quests. While you can keep busy with every system the modpack features, you’ll also be able to spend a lot of time finishing tasks with the 1,750+ quests.

3. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2

A group of pillagers in the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2 modpack.
Image via Curseforge

Those looking for a different gameplay experience altogether might like Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2. This Minecraft mod pack includes hundreds of mods and over 100 new biomes to take on over and over again as you level up and find better equipment. It will be a while before you run out of quests, too: there are over 1,500 to discover.

2. RLCraft

A player standing on a tree and looking at a dragon in the water from the RLCraft modpack.
Image via Curseforge

If difficulty is what you’re after, I highly recommend RLCraft. Realism is the goal here, with multiple tweaks and additions, including thirst and hunger meters. You’ll also need to keep track of temperatures, as well as gain access to many new and base items and abilities locked behind experience. Lastly, there are over 340 optional quests to partake in.

While there are a lot of mods here, the creator does recommend downloading Optifine. This is a common necessity for many mods, including many on our list of the best Minecraft mods.

1. GT New Horizons

The start screen for the GT New Horizons modpack, showing a planet.
Image via Curseforge

Last on the list is the ever-expansive GT New Horizons modpack. This cohesive collection provides a little bit of everything, whether you’re looking to focus on technology advancements or magic. Changes to mining and tweaks to survival provide a lot of opportunities for a more personal adventure.

It also dwarfs most other packs when it comes to quests. There are over 3,000 quests that come bundled with this modpack to help players understand the finer aspects. You’ll be more than supported and engaged no matter which part of the pack you focus on.

Those are my selections for the top 10 best Minecraft Modpacks with quests. If you’re looking to shake up your adventures with a more relaxing atmosphere, check out this list of the top 10 coziest Minecraft mods. Everything else mod or base-game related can be found at our MC guides hub.

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