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Top 10 Best Cozy Minecraft Mods to Download Now

Sit down and get comfy with the best cozy Minecraft mods!

While you can go on grand adventures in Minecraft, maybe you’re like me and avoid facing danger at all costs. If you want to stay in one place where you’re safe and cozy, here are the top 10 best cozy Minecraft mods to download now. 

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Top 10 Coziest Mods for Minecraft

Ferdinand’s Flowers

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What’s cozier than an open field brimming with flowers? Ferdinand’s Flowers adds over 100 new flowers to the game. It also increases how many flowers will spawn in the world as well. This mod will add the beauty of nature with its plethora of colorful flora. It’s perfect if you want to make a cozy garden or just frolic through the fields. 

Download Ferdinand’s Flowers here.

Decorative Blocks

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As you might suspect, Decorative Blocks adds a whole bunch of new blocks to decorate with. My favorites are all the new light sources, including the chandelier and bonfire. They add a warm and comfy feeling to the inside of any building. There are also other decorations like stone pillars and wooden benches that can pull together any room. 

Download Decorative Blocks here.

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

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One of my least favorite parts of Vanilla Minecraft is when I spend hours making and designing a house but have very little to no decorations to put inside of it. MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod fixes this and adds everything from bookshelves, desks, tables, and couches — finally, a real place to sit!

Download MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod Here.

Macaw’s Holidays

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I always feel the most cozy around the holidays when I’m putting up all the decorations. Macaw’s Holidays adds new decor for plenty of different holidays. There are over 200 new items for Christmas alone. You’ll also find decorations for Halloween and Easter. No matter what season it is, you can always be in a festive mood. 

Download Macaw’s Holidays here.

Towns and Towers

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Although Villages have a cozy feel to them already, they’re quite small and don’t have much to offer. However, the Towns and Towers mod makes it feel as if you’re in a cozy medieval town.  They’re much bigger than base villages and have more intricate designs. There are also plenty of shops for you to buy resources that make it more immersive. 

Download Towns and Towers here.

Farmer’s Delight 

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Although the base Minecraft is filled with danger, one of the most cozy aspects of the game is farming. The Farmer’s Delight mod expands upon farming and cooking mechanics. It adds new crops like tomatoes, cabbage, and rice. Additionally, you’ll use items like a Stove and Skillet to cook them! There are so many recipes you could spend hours in the kitchen cooking up some delicious meals. 

Download Farmer’s Delight here.

Lucky’s Cozy Home 

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If you’re looking for more furniture to decorate your home, Lucky’s Cozy Home mod is the one for you. This has everything you need to fully furnish your house. It adds couches, rugs, mirrors, clocks, and so much more. My favorite part of this mode is that almost every item has a different color variation to fit any theme or vibe you might be going for. I’ve always found warm, earthy tones to be the coziest.

Download Lucky’s Cozy Home here.

Additional Lights 

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Lighting can make any area instantly more cozy. I love the ambiance of warm, low-light sources. However, the options in the base game are minimal and don’t look the best — I don’t want torchers all over my walls, and Glowstones are too darn big! Thankfully, the Additional Lights mod adds over 200 different light sources. Now, you can get rid of the darkness with style. 

Download Additional Lights here.


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I love to keep multiple tamed wolves and cats around since I’m a huge animal lover. However, like many other games, there’s a major issue. You can’t pet them!! How am I supposed to show them my love and affection? Thankfully, the Pettable mod allows you to pet all of your furry friends. 

Download Pettable here.

Better Animals Plus

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Sometimes, the world feels a bit empty. There’s all this nature but hardly any life in it. The Better Animals Plus adds over 35 new animals! Deer, turkeys and even walruses are here. Whether you want to add to your farm or just stroll through the woods, you’ll be much cozier with all of your new animal friends. 

Download Better Animals Plus here.

Those are the top 10 best cozy Minecraft mods to download now. For more tips, check out our dedicated MC guides hub for topics like the best mushroom biome seeds and best underground base designs

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