15 Best Minecraft Underground Base Designs

Need inspiration for your underground Minecraft base? These ideas have you covered.

A view of an underground Minecraft base with a wall of chests and a window next to a river.
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With the boundless creativity possible in Minecraft, there’s no limit to what players can make. If you need inspiration for your secret home, check out our picks of the 15 Best Minecraft Underground Base Designs.

15 Best Minecraft Underground Base Designs

Simple Underground House

Sometimes, you just need something quick and painless to make. This simple build looks great, uses only a few materials, and has all the essentials you need for a base. If you’re looking to make your first build, this is a good one to start with. And if you have any trouble, you can always check out our guide to easily build underground bases in Minecraft.

Compact Underground Base for Two

Next is another small design, but with room and tools for two players. Plus, who doesn’t love bunk beds and extra storage? It’s a perfect, cosy base to make if you and a friend need somewhere nice and simple to rest.

Circular Underground House

Sometimes, the best aesthetic in the blocky world of Minecraft is something round. Follow this tutorial by Spudetti to create a roomy circular base for you to rest in. Best of all is the large glass ceiling at the top that’s sure to be noticeable from the outside and has a great view when you’re inside.

Hillside House

Depending on your perspective, this is a house situated under some ground. It’s basically a small area for yourself carved out of a hill. That makes it incredibly easy to build, though, since all you’ll need is a lot of wood and a big hill.

Sloped Underwater House

If you take the previous idea and mix it with water, this is what you get. Partially level with land and partially underwater, this sloped house is one of the most unique designs on the list. It’s incredibly modern-looking and is sure to provide interesting views no matter where you’re looking out from.

Underwater Tunnel House

Another unique design from the same creator, this design essentially acts as a tunnel connecting two sides of a river. It’s entirely submerged in the water and utilizes Sponges to soak in the water inside. The use of glass also allows you to see sea creatures swimming around and above you.

Base with a Secret Pond Entrance

If you’re going to make something that’s underground, you might as well give it a special hidden entrance, too. This build has plenty to it, offering a farm, crafting room, and a nether portal. The most notable aspect, however, is the secret pond you’ll create to hide the entrance.

Base with a Secret Lava Pool Entrance

Although a pond entrance is nice and serene, the opposite idea is to create a base underneath a lava pool. It uses pistons and redstone trickery to reveal or hide a pathway leading to a hole. Inside you’ll find a modern home that’s equal parts useful as it is designed for aesthetics.

Underground Cave Base

If you don’t like digging through the ground to build, this might be the idea to spark your creativity. This tutorial shows how you can use an existing cave and transform it into your own home. The random nature of cave formations means you might need to clear things out, although how much you want to balance the man-made and natural look is up to you.

Underground Ravine Base

Taking it a big step further from caves is this Underground Ravine Base. It’s a rather complicated build, but it still uses the environment very well. I highly suggest trying this out if you want to make something more unique or with multiple levels.

Underground Base in the Nether

Who said these were limited to the Minecraft Overworld? Follow this tutorial if you want to build your own secret area in the Nether. To be more specific, it’s inside the fiery dimension and underneath a pool of lava. It also includes a pen for Striders, which are needed to cross the lava. Just remember that beds explode in other dimensions, so this will need to be a base for other needs.

Underground Base in the End

In the same vein as the previous idea, this is all about building something underneath the main island in the End. This is arguably one of the most efficient places to build in this dimension since you won’t need to worry about the Ender Dragon destroying it if you haven’t dealt with the boss yet. I recommend not summoning the dragon again after completing this, though, as the End Spikes/Obsidian Pillars will also respawn and could destroy some of the base.

Underground Modern House

One of the most common base themes in Minecraft is to make them look more modern. This tutorial features a very open design that can be easily accessed from above. While it might not inherently be the best when it comes to safety, nothing can top this build when it comes to elegant looks.

Ultimate Underground Base

Out of everything here, nothing feels as stocked up as this aptly named Ultimate Underground Base. Designed by Disruptive Builds, pretty much everything you could need is available here. It even has an automatic sugar cane farm, although you could always change that to a kelp farm if you want. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone making their first build, but it’s certainly an ambitious creation that will keep you prepared for anything.

Underground Village

This last build on the list is the biggest in scope, as it’s not just a base but an entire village deep inside a mountain. The creator went the extra mile of creating their own mountain, although you can always hollow out one. If you’re trying to create the most amazing build that’s tucked away beneath some land, nothing comes close to this.

That covers our list of the 15 Best Minecraft Underground Base Designs. If you want a more general list of places to rest, check out our selection of the Top 15 houses. All other survival tips and creative ideas can be found at our Minecraft guides hub.

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