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Top 10 Must-Try Sims 4 Challenges to Spice Up Your Game

Spice up your Sims 4 game with these fun challenges!

When you play the same game for enough hours, you’ll search for ways to make it feel new and interesting again. Some communities create their own challenges to test themselves, especially in games with more freedom. Here are 10 challenges for The Sims 4 to spice up your game.

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10 Fun Challenges You Need to Try in The Sims 4

10. Rags to Riches Challenge

In this Sims 4 challenge, you’ll start with nothing and work your way to wealth. Your end goal is to make enough money to build a full house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a pool, and even a garden. You’ll also need to have at least 200,000 Simoleons in your savings at the end of the challenge.

If you feel like it’s too easy to make money in The Sims 4, then you’ll enjoy this one, especially since only one Sim on the lot is allowed to make any income. For the full list of rules and goals, head to Snooty Sims. But if you’ve already done this challenge or want something different, then you might be interested in the next one I’ve chosen as a Top 10 challenge.

9. Dumpster Living Challenge

The Dumpster Living Challenge is similar to the Rags to Riches challenge but with added constraints. This time, your goals are mostly about surviving with the given rules and earning enough money to complete your lot’s construction. Also, you need the Eco Living expansion to participate in this challenge.

There are a lot of constraints to this Sims 4 challenge, but that also makes it a lot of fun when The Sims 4 starts feeling too easy. After sinking hours into playing the game normally, this was a welcomed change of pace. And if you want to give it a shot, you can find the full guide with rules and how to get started on Mod the Sims.

8. Asylum Challenge

Do you ever put a bunch of Sims with the Insane personality trait together just to see what happens? Well, the Asylum Challenge is kind of like that, but you can adjust the difficulty. Different difficulties affect things like how much money you start with, how many Sims can leave the lot, and how many Sims can have jobs at any one time.

Your end goal is to complete Aspirations, the number of which varies based on difficulty. If this chaotic challenge sounds interesting, you can find the full information and rules on Snooty Sims.

7. 100 Babies Sims 4 Challenge

Woman congratulating a pregnant woman
Image via Electronic Arts

The 100 Babies Sims 4 Challenge might be the most classic of all the challenges listed here. And a lot of YouTubers have tried their hand at it. After creating a matriarch, your goal is to have 100 babies as quickly as possible. Basically, that means you don’t want to go through several generations before 100 babies have been born into your Sim’s family.

With Aging Off, this would be too simple. As such, the rules include restrictions like normal lifespans and limiting you from aging up a newborn until you receive the notification saying that it’s their birthday. If this sounds like the challenge for you, you’ll find the rules and requirements on Snarky Sims.

6. Disney Princess Challenge

The Disney Princess Challenge is more complex than it might seem if you look at the title alone. It’s a legacy challenge, and with each new generation, you have a different princess whose life you need to imitate in The Sims 4. As an example, Generation 1 is Snow White.

You must complete tasks like having seven children and never answering the door for strangers. If you like the legacy challenge and Disney princesses, this variation should be fun to try. For the full list of rules and the details of each generation, head to Mod the Sims.

5. Not So Berry Challenge

Another legacy Sims 4 challenge variation, the Not So Berry Challenge might interest you. Each generation of Berry Sim has a different color to represent them. However, that alone doesn’t seem like much of a hurdle since it’s easy to change hair and clothing colors. That’s why this trial also gives each generation an aspiration and career they need to complete.

They also have specific traits and extra tasks to follow, like mastering the Logic Skill and completing the elements collection. I love the blend of color and tasks in this challenge. And you can find the complete information on Snooty Sims.

4. Runaway Teen Challenge

This challenge was only made possible when The Sims 4 updated so teens can live alone, since the game previously required any Sim younger than young adult to have an adult living with them. Here, your end goal is to survive until adulthood.

It can be particularly difficult considering how limited teens are regarding aspects like jobs. In fact, this one prevents you from getting a part-time job. Instead, you have to get creative and do what you can to make it through your teenage years. The full details can be found on Snooty Sims if you’re up for the challenge.

3. Legacy Challenge

This is the standard Legacy Challenge. The goal, like the earlier legacy variations, is to have a single Sim create a family that continues for at least 10 generations. As your Sim has kids and they have kids, your control over the traits and personalities goes down.

And if you want to add more on top of the standard legacy set-up, then you’ll find that the Sims community has come together to add rules for a higher difficulty, which you can find with full information about the challenge on the Sims Legacy Challenge website.

2. Black Widow Challenge

As you might guess from the name, the Black Widow Challenge requires your Sim to get married 10 times, and kill their spouse 10 times. Of course, cheats and aging turned off would make this one too easy, so those aren’t allowed this time around. You also can’t have your Sim get a job, so you might want to aim for rich Sims when picking your targets.

Like many challenges here, there’s a list of difficulty levels that you can use to adjust it to be as tough or easy as you want. Go to Snooty Sims to find the full list of rules and restrictions if you want to become the hidden danger of a neighborhood.

1. Create Your Own Sims 4 Challenge

Images of different Sims pieced together
Image via Electronic Arts

If you don’t see a challenge here that suits you, you could use James Turner’s generator to generate a random Sims challenge. It even includes a checklist that lets you mark off the tasks as you complete them.

The challenge that was generated for me included requirements like having a home owned by a ghost, loving grilled cheese, and having them be afraid of electronics and archways, which makes it difficult when every Sim has a smartphone by default. This gives you infinite challenges to try out, and you’ll never know what will pop up.

Those are the Top 10 The Sims 4 challenges you need to try, but they aren’t the only ones you can find online. The community is full of creative players, and it feels like new challenges are always being created. Then, for more content, check out our Sims 4 guides hub and topics like how to be a property owner or how to get the best rental units.

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