10 Best Sims 4 Packs That Add the Most Content

Get the best value for your money in The Sims 4 with 10 expansion packs that add the most content!

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Grabbing every DLC for The Sims 4 is expensive, so which expansion packs add the most content in The Sims 4? If you want to pick up every piece of DLC, you’ll be paying well over $1,000. However, I find that there are specific packs that offer you more content for the price when compared to other packs of a similar type, such as Discover University, offering more than High School Years for education-based content. Not all are equal, so let’s go into the best DLC for The Sims 4 and which adds the most content.

Top Sims 4 Packs That Add the Most Content

  • The Sims 4 divides DLC into Expansion Packs, Game Packs, Stuff Packs, and Kits.
  • Kits are the cheapest, but they mostly add items and clothing rather than features.

You might think that I’ll just list 10 of the expansion packs here, and I wouldn’t blame you because they’re meant to be the packs with the most content. But there are Game Packs for The Sims 4 that provide features that bring variety to your game as well.

Discover University

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Since I already mentioned this one, it felt fitting to start with it. Between High School Years and Discover University, the latter provides more content and lets Sims get a boost to their careers for earning a degree.

This expansion pack isn’t perfect, but it brings a lot of items and campus living with it. The stress of being a full-time student in-game reminds me of my own college days, adding a nostalgia factor. This DLC often goes on sale on Steam for 50% off, which really gives you some bang for your buck.


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Seasons as an expansion has become a staple in The Sims franchise, and honestly, a life simulation game can feel strange when it doesn’t have the passage of time through seasons. At this point, Seasons should be part of the base game instead of DLC, but at least you can buy it on sale.

For the actual inclusions, aside from the seasons, you’ll get seasonal activities such as the equivalents of Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate with new items for the occasion. There are new skills for flower arranging and gardening, which are now affected by changing weather. Overall, it’s a nice addition for content to increase immersion.

Get to Work

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Instead of being part of the base game, aliens are added in Get to Work, along with active careers where you have to participate in your Sim’s workday and perform tasks to earn promotions. This also means that you can learn more skills and access a lot more items and CAS options.

This pack includes the ability to open your own shop as well, and in combination with the Baking skill, you can start your own bakery or become a photographer. The jobs added were part of the base game in The Sims 3, but these iterations are more involved. Compared to other expansions and game packs, Get to Work adds a good deal of content.

Growing Together

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This is one of the more recent expansion packs, which means you’ll have to wait longer for it to be on sale for 50% off when sales come around. But this pack adds an entire life stage and lets you define relationships between Sims, like if they’re distant or close.

If you’re looking for a family-based DLC to grab, Growing Together does add more than Parenthood. But it is more expensive, of course.

Eco Lifestyle

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The Eco Lifestyle DLC isn’t perfect, but it adds a lot of interesting features. In the new neighborhood, your eco-footprint can be impacted by the way your Sims live. There’s a new job, and you can vote for initiatives that change the area.

Also, there are more lot challenges, and you can choose a lot with the “off the grid” challenge that can be really frustrating because power and water become an issue you have to deal with using the resources that new items provide. I generally enjoy just how different this feels from most expansion packs.

Cottage Living

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Normally, I’d recommend Cats & Dogs, but for animal content, Cottage Living feels superior in the amount added. You can raise animals and have a farm, plus you can actually use items you grow, which feels like a feature that’s lacking otherwise. Sure, you can cook with items you grow without this pack, but even that is lackluster since you can also just purchase the items at the time of cooking. But now, there are lot of challenges that force you to use fresh ingredients.

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The overall aesthetic of this pack is cute, and while I love dogs, I have to admit that when it comes to the amount of content that involves animals, Cottage Living is the winner.


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StrangerVille is a game pack, but it’s perhaps the most interesting DLC that The Sims 4 has to offer. A big reason behind this is the style of content that’s added because you aren’t just receiving extra features, skills, or items.

This DLC adds a story. You get the desert world of StrangerVille as a neighborhood, but there’s something mysterious going on. Between the new neighborhood and a mystery to solve, this pack feels bigger than even some expansion packs.

Realm of Magic

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If you’re going to pick only one supernatural pack, Realm of Magic is my recommendation. You get access to a magic school, a new magical realm, three sets of spells, and the beauty of consumables. You can make potions for just about anything it feels like, and that can be great for keeping your Sims happy.

If nothing else, you can use your cauldron to make a ton of mac ‘n cheese. What more could you want in life?

Jungle Adventure

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There are quite a few options for DLC that are vacation-based, but Jungle Adventure brings a lot of content for the price. You get a new location to explore, the Archaeology skill, temples to search for treasures, and a lot of outdoor items for your Sim’s home. The design makes it difficult to complete everything in the new area in one vacation, so you’ll be occupied for quite a while with exploring Selvadorada.

Paranormal Stuff

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You might not have expected a stuff pack to make the list, but Paranormal Stuff adds a surprising amount to The Sims 4, especially for its default price of $9.99. You get haunted house lots, cursed objects, and a new job.

If you want the most content for a lower price than expansion and game packs, this is one pack that I’d recommend, especially if you’re like me and love all things spooky.

There are a lot of DLCs available for The Sims 4, but these are the 10 that I believe offer the most content across a variety of topics. Even buying them on sale can be rough financially, so I hope that this list helps you make decisions if you’re looking to add just one or two DLC to your collection, and perhaps you’ll be interested in guides like every way to kill a Sim or how to play offline.

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