10 Best Soulslike Games to Play in 2023

Here are the 10 best Souls Like games to play.

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Soulslike games are some of the must frustrating yet rewarding games that you can play. There are plenty to choose from nowadays each with a unique atmosphere and fun take on combat. If you’re new to the genre or want to try out a new game, we’ve compiled the 10 best Soulslike games to play. Some of the titles in this list are certified From Software classics, but most on this list are unique from the Dark Souls series.

10 Best Souls Like Games to Play


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Blasphemous is a dark and atmospheric 2D action-platformer game developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17. It’s set in a grim, Gothic world known as Cvstodia. The story revolves around a mysterious Penitent One seeking redemption in a world plagued by a religious curse. The game’s haunting art style, rich lore, and punishing difficulty will keep you enticed the entire playthrough.

Dark Souls

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This is a bit of an obvious entry, an aforementioned From Software classic. In Dark Souls you assume the role of an undead warrior who embarks on a perilous journey to rekindle the fading First Flame and prevent the coming of an age of darkness. The series is known for its deep lore, intricate interconnected world and methodical combat system, and there’s no better place to start than with the original. You’ll have to figure out everything on your own from the combat to how items work.

Salt and Sanctuary

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Salt and Sanctuary, developed by Ska Studios, is a 2D Souls Like RPG. It’s set in a grim, dark fantasy world. You create and customize your character and set out to explore a mysterious and treacherous island. There are scary enemies, traps, and bosses. The gameplay combines platforming, deep character progression and intense combat.


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A list like this couldn’t skip out on including Bloodborne, the PlayStation-only entry that made it worth getting a PS4 to play when it came out. Bloodborne is set in the Lovecraftian-inspired city of Yharnam. The game immerses you in a nightmarish world filled with eldritch horrors. You take on the role of a Hunter, defeating these horrific creatures. Its combat system is unique from the Dark Souls series, it’s far more aggressive and encourages you to be bold and engage enemies proactively.

Remnant 2

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In Remnant 2, you play as a survivor who must save reality from destruction. It has a variety of procedurally-generated worlds to explore, each filled with unique enemies and challenges. You can choose different archetypes that each have unique abilities and play style. The game mixes ranged and melee combat, and hosts a wealth of builds to play with. This one has co-op for up to three people, making it the ideal option for a group of gaming friends.

The Surge 2

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The Surge 2 is developed by Deck13 Interactive. It takes place in a dystopian future in the sprawling city of Jericho. You create your own character as and engage in intense, limb-targeting combat against various mechanical enemies.

Nioh 2

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Nioh 2 was developed by Team Ninja. It’s an action RPG set in feudal Japan during the Sengoku period. You take on the role of a samurai, known as a Yokai, who can transform into powerful demon forms. This one’s a bit faster paced than the Souls series, but it’s plenty difficult for those looking for a challenge.

Lords of the Fallen

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Lords of the Fallen is developed by Deck13 Interactive and CI Games. You play as Harkyn, a convicted criminal who is given a chance for redemption by battling monstrous, demonic forces. It has weighty combat mechanics and an atmospheric world, providing a unique take on the challenging action RPG formula.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, developed by From Software, is like Bloodborne in that it’s totally unique from the Dark Souls series. You play as the Wolf, a shinobi who must rescue his young master and avenge the death of his mentor. Sekiro has fast-paced swordplay, but its main draw is its incredibly difficult to master parry system.

Elden Ring

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This 2022 action RPG rocked the gaming industry and continues to remain relevant today. Elden Ring brings a deep and mysterious story written by renowned fantasy author George R.R. Martin to a brutal open world setting. Despite being open world, it has the co-op and PvP hallmarks of the Souls series. This is From’s most intriguing and largest work yet.

Lies of P

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Lies of P is a dark retelling of the classic Pinocchio story developed by Neowiz. You control Pinocchio, a robotic puppet who must fight through the plague-ridden city of Krat to find Geppetto and unravel the city’s dark secrets. Lies of P also features a parry system, and it has a distinctly Bloodborne style with its own twists.

Those are the 10 best Souls Like games to play in 2023. looking for more game recommendations check out our Top 10 best games to play like Starfield or 10 best horror games for Halloween 2023.

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