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Top 10 Best Games to Play Like Starfield

Looking for games similar Starfield? Here are the Top 10 best games like Starfield.

Starfield has taken millions of players on a breathtaking adventure across the stars in an epic open-world full of possibilities. It lets you probe the depths of space, pilot your own starship, and explore a plethora of planets for resources, adventure, and so much more. However, if you don’t have an Xbox or a PC powerful enough to run it, you may be looking for the next best thing. No matter the reason, here are the Top 10 best games to play like Starfield

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Top 10 Best Games to Play Like Starfield

No Man’s Sky 

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No Man’s Sky is quite a bit like Starfield. Indeed, it’s perfect if exploring space is what interests you the most about Starfield. It even lets you descend from space to its vibrant, procedurally-generate worlds, where you’ll find everything from barren wastelands to sprawling jungles filled with life.

Developed by Hello Games, it’s an ambitious game that’s only added new, compelling mechanics and systems since its original launch in 2016. You can build creative bases, fight towering mechs, mine resources, and trade goods with goofy extraterrestrial life. No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 

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If you like open-world RPGs, Skyrim is one of the best representations of the genre around. While it’s not a sci-fi adventure, its high-fantasy world is full of wonderous landscapes and encounters. You have the freedom to explore this portion of the Elder Scrolls universe at your leisure, making choices that affect the world around you.

The game has remained relevant since it came out way back in 2011 because of its quests, its combat, and incredibly deep roleplaying systems. If you like one Bethesda game, you’ll probably like most of them, and Skyrim is a great experience from beginning to end, using some of the same gameplay mechanics as those found in Starfield. Mods take Skyrim to another level, adding in all sorts of awesome mechanics. Its many versions are available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. There’s even Skyrim VR, taking the game’s immersion to a higher level.

The Mass Effect Series 

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If you’re after a more linear, story-driven space adventure, the Mass Effect series has you covered. The trilogy has solid RPG mechanics and a compelling story that winds between all three entries. Though you play as Commander Shepherd, there are plenty of character choices to be made and NPCs to form deep connections with.

The series is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and the Legendary Edition collects all three games and the series’ DLC in one package. A sci-fi experience in a video game doesn’t get much better than this. 

Cyberpunk 2077

Image via CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t set as far in the future as Starfield, but it gives us a Ridley-Scott-infused look at what could be our future reality from a different point of view. Set in a dystopian world, it exudes that sci-fi feel reminiscent of other media like Blade Runner and Robocop.

Although it’s not a space adventure, exploring the vastness of Night City is just as exciting as exploring distant worlds. CD Projekt Red has given us a compelling narrative that you can change with your actions, as well as numerous mechanics that let you roleplay the protagonist, V, to your heart’s content. This RPG has been improved with various updates and expansions since its launch, including the game-changing Phantom Liberty DLC. It’s available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Fallout 4

Image via Bethesda

Fallout 4 is another Bethesda game you’ll enjoy if you like Starfield. Like other games mentioned on this list of games to play like Starfield, the fourth mainline installment in the post-apocalyptic series where war never changes has similar mechanics as the developer’s spacefaring epic.

The vast open-world of the wasteland is full of deadly creatures, interesting characters, and (mostly) fun and intriguing quests. Fallout 4 emphasizes character interactions and exploration, though there’s plenty of combat and exploration to be had, too. The game introduces a base-building system to the series, and vestiges of that can be seen in Starfield. As with Skyrim, mods can completely change the game, giving you numerous hours of brand-new content alongside the many expansions. It’s available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The BioShock Series 

Image via 2K

The BioShock games combine first-person shooter and roleplaying elements into a unique and satisfying mix tossed into a retro-futurist setting. It offers compelling stories, unique gameplay, unforgettable characters, and plenty of replayability despite its relative linearity.

You’ll experience thought-provoking stories and moral themes throughout. The games are full of unforgettable characters, from the iconic Big Daddies to the complex and well-developed protagonists. There are various powers to use, iconic weapons to wield, and puzzles to solve. The games are available on multiple platforms and subscription services.

The Outer Worlds 

Image via Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian’s take on a sci-fi RPG is certainly original. The Outer Worlds is set in an alternate future where mega-corporations have colonized space — and you can either work for them or against them. You’ll have an impact on the fate of the Halcyon colony, making important decisions and deciding the fate of not only other characters but entire settlements.

The skill development and character interactions make the world feel lived in, and while you can’t fly your ship through space as you can in Starfield and No Man’s Sky, there’s something tangible about flying between planets that scratches that itch. The story is engaging and oftentimes over the top in the best ways possible. This one’s available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Horizon Zero Dawn 

Image via PlayStation

Although Horizon Zero Dawn leans more into the action-adventure side of things than RPG, it’s a wonderful sci-fi experience that’s quite the opposite of other games on this games to play like Starfield list. You’re thrown into a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangerous robotic creatures that patrol the pristine waters, forests, and skies of this beautiful land.

The world has stunning visuals filled with lush vegetation and fauna, not to mention compelling people who add life to the remnants of the world. The story is captivating, following protagonist Aloy as she ventures from the world she knows into the unknown, and the dynamic combat is loads of fun. Developed by Guerilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PC and PlayStation. It’s sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is well worth the look, too.

Dead Space

Image via EA

Dead Space is another story-driven sci-fi experience steeped in body horror. A linear experience, it’s reminiscent of Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise in terms of combat and level design. And throughout, it’s hard to shake the feeling it’s not at least a little bit inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing.

You’ll find yourself trapped on a spaceship filled with zombies known as Necromorphs. There’s constant tension as you try to survive using the strategic combat system that has you lopping off the limbs of the enemies trying to devour you. This is one of the most fear-inducing thriller experiences gaming has to offer, and it’s available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. Though you can play the older versions, it’s best to play the true-to-the-original remake from 2023.

Everspace 2 

Image via Rockfish Games

Everspace 2 is for all those flyboys out there. It has you covered if you want some fast, fun, and frenetic starship action. Reminiscent of games like Rogue Squadron and Elite Dangerous, you can fly through space dogfighting your enemies and watching the debris float through the vacuum of space as you celebrate victory.

Neatly, you can fully customize your ship and try multiple tactics based on your build. There are various weapons and upgrades to your vessel to make it just the way you want. It also has a solid storyline in a visually beautiful galaxy that you can explore between missions.

Those are our Top 10 best games to play like Starfield. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more coverage on all of these games, and jump into our Starfield guides if you’re already playing, or bookmark the page for when you do take to the stars.

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