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Disney Dreamlight Valley Fans Are Tired of Recycled Events

Does Disney Dreamlight Valley need some fresh content for holiday events?

Every season, Disney Dreamlight Valley celebrates the holidays with in-game events. However, long-time players see the same events on repeat and can grow tired of it. The question is, are devs hurting the game with these recycled events?

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Recycles Past Seasonal Events

Since the game’s release, players have been able to participate in fun seasonal events, like the Eggstravaganza or Christmas events. During these events, we complete duties and earn rewards. This was great the first time, but the same event will happen again the following year.

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When the same event is repeated, players who have already completed all duties and redeemed the rewards will have nothing to do. This means that only new players or players who have yet to fully finish the duties will be able to appreciate these events fully. Trust me, I had plenty of eggs saved up from last year.

This wasn’t so much a big deal in the past, but since the game has been around for a while, some fans are getting a bit tired of it. Many fans voiced their annoyance in the comments of DDV’s tweet about the easter event. They bring up a lot of good points concerning the rewards being the same, WALL-E following them around with quests they’ve already completed, and just the lack of fresh content in general.

Now, this isn’t to say that Disney Dreamlight Valley never has anything new. The developers have done a great job bringing new content to the game and keeping it updated. However, holidays are always exciting, and more players can enjoy the events if something new happens. There are ways to bypass this minor annoyance, and many fans even suggest them in the post’s comments as well.

Fan Suggestions Could Improve In-Game Events

With just a few minor fixes, in-game events can be fun for everyone once again. Several fans took to the comments and made suggestions on features that could be changed for the events going forward. The most common suggestion is new rewards.

With fresh rewards for every event, players are still incentivized to participate. The rewards can be simple items that are seasonally themed or even some extra Moonstones. Or, something like the Season of Giving rewards that we earned previously. Creating new quests and content takes time, but simple items like furniture or outfits should be easier to whip up each event.

Mailbox menu with mailed rewards from the season of giving event
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Another suggestion is to feature character-unique event quests, much like our WALL-E flower quests, or even new Village duties. The game’s all about our friendships with the Disney villagers, so spending holidays with them in unique ways would make the game and events ten times better.

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The last suggestion that stuck out to me was more personalization. Have eggs with character faces on them scattered around the Valley instead of the same plain eggs every season. For Christmas, it can be ornaments, stockings, or snow globes, and for Halloween, it can be carved pumpkins. This allows players to try and collect all the different styles. It’s a simple ask that brings more excitement to an event we’ve already experienced.

Some players are perfectly fine with repeated content since there are so many other things to do in the Valley, and more fresh content promised in the upcoming days. However, if you’re festive like me, you may be crossing your fingers for some changes to the holiday events. The developers have done a great job hearing our voices in the past, so who knows? We might just get what we want!

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