GameSkinny is covering EGX again! Come check out all the coverage in one handy place, right here.

EGX 2016: Everything Wot Happened On The Show Floor

GameSkinny is covering EGX again! Come check out all the coverage in one handy place, right here.

EGX is the UK’s largest gaming event, dedicated to not only the big budget games, but also the indie games with the Rezzed Zone, and the Leftfield Collection. Held in Birmingham, at The NEC from 22-25 September, GameSkinny will be having Pierre Fouquet (myself), and Emma Spalding covering the event. Stay tuned, and keep checking back here for any and all coverage from the show floor.

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  • All articles written by Pierre and Emma are linked below, so again keep checking back.

Emma’s Pieces:

Top 10 Best Games in the Show

Daily Roundup 

Day 1 – The Good, the Bad, and the Indie

Day 2 – Lord of the Rezzed

Day 3 – Do Something You Have Never Done Before

Day 4 – Time to Slow Down and Take Stock


Talking Political Animals with its Developer at Squeaky Wheel


Pierre’s Pieces:

Daily Roundup

Day 1 – I Kicked the Bucket More Than Once

Day 2 – Brumming In Brummie Land with PS VR, Racing Games, and More!

Day 3 – It Just Got a Little Weird in Leftfield

Day 4 – I Cubed, Sliced, and Danced…Also Other Things


Forgotton Anne – I Hope We Didn’t Forget To Ask Anything

Mantis Burn Racing – It’s Not ‘Another’ Top Down Racer, It’s More

The Fall Part 2: Unbound – A Sequel Aiming to Push Further Than Thought Possible

Keep and eye right here, follow Pierre or Emma on Twitter, for the most up-to-date information on all of the happens at EGX 2016, from the 22-25 September, but there will be much more content posted here in the days after the event — we never stop!

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