A workout playlist designed specifically for gamers, consisting only of tracks and remixes from video games.

Gotta go fast: The ultimate workout playlist for gamers

A workout playlist designed specifically for gamers, consisting only of tracks and remixes from video games.
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The sun is shining, the air is rich with the smell of cut grass, and birds are chirping all around. Summer is upon us, which means that it’s time for us gamers to catch up on our fitness regimen. But before you boot up your couch-to-5k app, let us give you a powerup: a gamer’s workout playlist composed exclusively of video game music and their remixes.

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The Gamer’s Workout Playlist Manual

SAFETY WARNING: The Gamer’s Workout Playlist can cause inspiration, perspiration, determination, and motivation in a large percentage of listeners. If you experience any of these symptoms, immediately begin physical activity. GameSkinny Inc. is not liable for any damages caused by your increased level of strength, health, or attractiveness. Call your doctor if your motivation lasts for longer than 4 hours.


You are now the owner of a custom-made workout playlist designed specifically with gamers in mind. The playlist is embedded below for your convenience, so mash the play button and we’ll give you the grand tour.

The playlist begins with, appropriately enough, a song from Sonic Rush. Vela-Nova, by the incomparable Hideki Naganuma (the man behind the soundtracks to the Jet Set Radio games), is an upbeat and lighthearted track, perfect for some warm-up cardio. 

The upbeat mood will carry through, as dj-Jo’s hard-pulsing remix of Cherry Blossom Color Season from the Katamari Damacy series of games carries you from your warm-up to the meat of your workout. Commit to your workout with all of the strength of a tiny prince pushing an impossibly large ball across the country.

This song is followed by another remix, the Rock Men’s fast-paced and hard-rocking cover of Dr. Wily’s Stage 1 music from the original Mega Man game. Following that track is an uplifting and inspirational track from Undertale, as well as another Hideki Naganuma track, this one from Jet Set Radio Future.

As we hit the meat of this gamer’s workout playlist, the intensity of your workout should increase along with the intensity of the music. To ensure that this happens, we added in one of MYRONE’s tracks from the upcoming racing game Drift Stage: a high-BPM eurobeat song guaranteed to keep your pace up. 

Two Capcom tracks follow this one, the first being the theme from Concrete Man’s stage in Mega Man 9, and the second being Ken’s montage-worthy theme from Street Fighter 2. You can’t do a Shin Shoryuken without having killer quadriceps.

Cash Cash’s remix of Escape from the City from Sonic Generations comes next, as we move into the latter portion of the playlist. The songs that follow after are more intense, and suited for strenuous activity

The first is Steel for Humans, a determination-filled track from The Witcher 3, followed by Nestalgica’s rock cover of the training theme from Punch-Out!!!. Rounding out this three-song gauntlet is the classic Mjolnir mix of the theme from Halo.

We know you’re tired. Just a bit more.

dj-Jo makes a second appearance on the playlist for the second-to-last song, a hardcore electronic cover of the Gourmet Race theme from the Kirby games. At this point in the workout playlist for gamers, if you’re not completely exhausted, push harder until you are. If you don’t, Dedede’ll beat you to the goal.

And you don’t want to lose to that fat fuck.

We close out with a triumphant track, Dj Cutman and Kevin Villecco’s cover of Strike the Earth from Shovel Knight. This is your cool-down, so bask in the glory and honor you’ve earned through this strenuous workout

Below, you’ll find the gamer’s workout playlist in its entirety, calibrated and optimized for you to add to your Spotify library and by extension, your fitness regimen. So go ahead, go to the gym and start working on your STR, DEX, and CON. Oh, and if you don’t have a workout in mind, allow us to suggest this one, inspired by the Pokemon games.

What is your favorite video game track to work out to? Let us know in the comments!

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