Insurgency – A SquishView Review

I SquishView Insurgency. What did I think about it?

A SquishView (Squished Review) is a game review which focuses on being short, spoiler free if possible, and unscored. If you want to know about the game, read on!

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The low down on Insurgency is it’s a mostly realistic tactile FPS, originally made as a total conversion mod for the Source Engine. More recently it’s been made into a standalone release called Insurgency 2 during developement, but is now just known as Insurgency. There are two ways to play, against AI in co-operative, or against other players in competitive multiplayer.

 The ‘box’ art for the Source Mod.

Co-operative: AI of insta-sight

…they can quite literally shoot the wings off a fly, then off another 3 flies, reload and kill 6 members of your team with 4 rounds, all while using a pistol.

There are nine maps in co-op, but only on one specific game type, Checkpoint, which is an objective capture/destroy chain. Hunt is a kill all enemies game mode and shares five of these maps. In Survival you play as the Insurgents and have to defend against waves of US soldiers; this shares four of these maps. All the maps feel great to play in any game mode.

The A.I. in the game can however be a bit problematic, at points they can’t shoot a barn door, and others they can quite literally shoot the wings off a fly, then off another 3 flies, reload and kill 6 members of your team with 4 rounds, all while using a pistol. The AI is always fun to fight.

Rrrbody in the club gettin’ tipsy.

Multiplayer: A rumblin’ in my tumblin’

There are twelve maps with multiplayer with the game modes you will expect, capture points, kill the enemy team. There is a very good mode where you have to escort a VIP to an extraction zone, the VIP only has a pistol. It’s pretty standard game modes in all, nothing unexpected. Even so that doesn’t stop it being amazingly fun! The connection is pretty solid also, with minimal lag felt from me, mostly due to the use of dedicated servers.

 “I didn’t tell EVERYONE to guard the draws!”

To buy for multiplayer, for co-op, or both

Moddable game, with weapons which are customisable and all feel great to use and game updates are regular and free (some with maps or new weapons). The co-op alone is worth buying the game for, and the same for the multiplayer, but if you buy it for both you are in for one hell of a time! Even with the AI quirks this game is a must buy if you love FPS games, but if want something a bit less arcade-y than Battlefield or Call of Duty, but don’t want something as hardcore sim as Arma then stop reading and go buy it NOW!

Some gameplay of the co-op to enjoy!

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