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Player leaves Motostoke in Pokemon Sword & Shield
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Is Galar the Next Destination for Pokemon Legends?

If this hint from Legends: Arceus pans out, then Galar could be the next region revisited in the Pokemon Legends series.

Following the announcement of Pokemon Legends: Z-A, fans of the franchise have been picking up on clues found throughout previous entries in the series. One X user reminded us that Legends: Arceus‘ male protagonist starts off wearing a shirt from Kalos, a region introduced in X & Y and revisited in Legends Z-A. However, another hint has been hiding in plain sight, suggesting that Galar could be the next destination for Pokemon Legends.

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Could Galar Be the Next Setting for Pokemon Legends?

During February’s highly-anticipated Pokemon Presents, the Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Legends: Z-A with an official teaser trailer. The footage confirmed the next installment will take place in the Kalos region, where X & Y were set back in 2013. In the few short weeks since the news, one X user pointed out the significance of the male lead’s shirt in Legends: Arceus, as its design first appeared in X & Y.

Looking back on this detail, it certainly does seem that Game Freak and The Pokemon Company were hinting at the inception of Legends: Z-A ahead of its official announcement. That being said, I can’t help but wonder whether the Hisuian heroine’s shirt might also serve as a clue regarding the setting of the next Legends game.

Player observes Jubilife Village in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Screenshot by GameSkinny

At the start of Legends: Arceus, the female lead’s t-shirt features a design that first appeared in the Galar region of Sword & Shield. Dubbed the Loose Top – Luxury Holiday in the 2019 entries, the design’s presence in Arceus could share the same implications as the male protagonist’s clothing. Still with me? If the hero’s shirt hinted at a trip back to Kalos, then the heroine’s top might signal that Galar is the next stop after Legends: Z-A.

Player tries on the Loose Top - Luxury Holiday in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here since we’re still waiting on a release date for the developing installment. With recent findings in mind, though, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Galar references when Legends: Z-A drops in 2025. In the meantime, it’s worth mentioning that the region’s rich history would provide the perfect story for a pending Legends entry.

Galar Would Be a Great Location for the Next Legends Game

Home to the Dynamax phenomenon, Galar is an exciting region where we first met the Legendary duo, Zacian and Zamazenta. Throughout Sword & Shield, you piece together the region’s true history with the help of Sonia, Professor Magnolia’s sleuthing assistant. This leads to the discovery that the hero who saved the region from an all-encompassing storm brought on by Eternatus long ago was actually a Pokemon — or, rather, two Pokemon.

The region’s Legendaries lent a helping hand, of course, bringing peace to the land. However, the story gets a lot deeper once you learn that Zacian and Zamazenta might not be native to Galar. So, where exactly did these Legendary Pokemon come from? And what prompted them to offer their aid?

Player inspects statues depicting two heroes and two Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Screenshot by GameSkinny

These unanswered questions along with the known history of the region are exactly the reason a future Legends game would do well to revisit Galar. Maybe we might even venture to a new region altogether, just as Legends: Arceus brought us to an ancient Sinnoh known as Hisui.

Alongside hints pointing to the inception of Pokemon Legends: Z-A, it seems appropriate to ask whether Galar could be the next setting in line for the growing series. Of course, this is nothing more than speculation at the moment, but it’s meaty food for thought. As we wait to hear more on the next entry, check out our theory about this X & Y character’s potential role in Legends: Z-A next year.

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