Not Everything is Flammable Review – A Game of Burning Addiction

Not Everything is Flammable is a game about not everything being flammable, but just most things.
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Not Everything is Flammable is 100% free, no strings attached, thanks to the amazing library of indie gold at GameJolt. It’s a 2D side scroller where you control burning things.

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“Why should I care?” You Say (maybe)

Ok to start, you burn things, a lot of things. And also because haven’t you always wanted to burn a lamp and roll it around?




As you see in the above, if you jump you lose flame. You can only jump 4 times before you are ‘put out’. The 4th jump is your last and final hope for flame survival, torch — too much?– another flammable object and you are fully ready for rage flame war (just not in any comments sections, but a literal flame war).

Everything is semi-physics enabled, where a book will flop over, and a ball will roll. Making taller objects, like lamps harder to move.

As you lose flame the music gets quieter and more muffled, which is a great effect, it makes some parts feel more tense because of it. The music is a quirky and catchy 16 bit style tune. I found that after a short while of playing I had the tune stuck in my head for hours! I was not unhappy about this.

If you love burning things, but keep getting the fire department called on you, this game may light your candle. And of course it’s free, with no curtains for the fire to catch, it’s a win win!

You can download Not Everything Is Flammable from GameJolt, or not, you chose.

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