Overwatch characters are starting to break into cosplay territory as the most popular. WonderCon 2017 showed that with its amazing selection of Overwatch cosplays. Let check them out.

The 7 Best Overwatch Cosplays from WonderCon 2017

Overwatch characters are starting to break into cosplay territory as the most popular. WonderCon 2017 showed that with its amazing selection of Overwatch cosplays. Let check them out.
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WonderCon in Anaheim is a large convention that sees a variety of cosplays every year. 2017 was no exception. Among the fantastic costumes present were a number of Overwatch cosplayers. The following are just some of the talented cosplayers that attended the convention to show off their passion and hard work.

Photographer: Al Ortega

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Mariachi Reaper

Cosplayer: Unknown

Reaper channels his inner Sugar Skull in his Mariachi skin. The costume is amazingly detailed. From the brim on the hat to the weathering on the guns, each of the details adds to the realism of this costume. The mask is perfectly crafted, giving off that Sugar Skull vibe while still being domineering. 

Source: GameSpot




Cosplayer: Diadeverde87

It is not often that characters get genderbent from female to male. Gaining traction, a wider array of cosplay creations like this have been hitting the internet. Diadeverde87 has stayed true to the image of Mercy in his genderbend of the character. White wings with yellow translucent tips, white armor, and an amazingly built staff, he hits all the marks with his Mercy cosplay.

Photographer: DTJaaaam

Raindancer Pharah

Cosplayer: Unknown

Pharah rains justice from above with her Raindancer skin. Even though she is Egyptian, Raindancer Pharah exudes Native American influences. Gold and blue bird totems stand in stark contrast to the black of the suit underneath. Fur embellishments hang from the headpiece as well as the shoulders to finish the costume.

D.Va and MEKA

Cosplayer: Uknown MEKA: Lionel Lum

D.Va is one of the most cosplayed characters from Overwatch. A gamer girl herself, she changed from games to mechs when her home was threatened. What is D.Va without her mech though? Photographer Lionel Lum has created MEKA and brings it to conventions for D.Va to pose with. This D.va is perched inside with her Doritos and Mountain Dew beside her.

Video: Parks and Cons

D.Va Skins

Cosplayers: Ilabelle Cosplay, Hendo Art, Maid of Might Cosplay, Reagan Kathryn and Elizabeth Rage

More D.Vas join the cosplay party. Here they are strutting their stuff in some of D.Va's skins. From left to right the skins are: blueberry, tangerine, original, lemon-lime and watermelon. Armed with Bunny Blasters, they are ready to take down any foe. 

Photographer: Joits Photography


White Hat McCree

Cosplayer: Cookiebazey

McCree gets genderbent in this amazing cosplay by Cookiebazey. Selecting his White Hat skin, she hits all the points of his costume. The white cowboy hat, white armor, and gun are all on point. The weathering on the armor and gun make it more realistic. Including the cigar really helps to bring McCree to life. 

Source: GameSpot

Overwatch Group

Cosplayers: Unknown

At conventions its not unusual to end up with groups of people who have similar costumes. Here we have two Meis showing off her skins as well as a Soldier 76 holding a D.Va plush and a Tracer. This picture shows off the fun people have cosplaying at conventions. Their costumes are also perfectly created.

Photgrapher: Manny Llanura Photography

WonderCon 2017 -- Cosplay Music Video

Cosplayers: Unknown

While not entirely about Overwatch, this cosplay music video is a great way to end an amazing cosplay slideshow. Take a look at some of the other amazing cosplays that appeared at the convention and keep your eyes peeled for the Overwatch cosplayers.

Which was your favorite cosplay? Do you know any of the cosplayers? Let us know in the comments!

Video: Sneaky Zebra

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