The 10 Best Minecraft 1.20.2 Java Seeds According to Reddit

These are the cream of the crop of Minecraft seeds pulled from Reddit communities.

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It can be hard to find a new cool seed to start your new Minecraft world. I’ve gotten stuck more than once trying to find the perfect one, and more than once I’ve turned to /r/minecraftseeds and similar subs to find new seeds to start with. In this guide I’ve complied the best Minecraft 1.20.2 Java seeds according to Reddit, because why just take one person’s word for it when you can get the opinion of an entire community?

The 10 Best Minecraft Seeds According to Reddit

Crater Lake

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  • Seed: -7546871049307550237
  • Spawn: 4, -74
  • Biome: Plains, Mountain

Our first seed has an awesome lake surrounded by cliffs, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Not only is it great to look at, but the cliffside is full of resources and caves to explore. Plus, who doesn’t want to start off overlooking such an epic vista? Nobody, that’s who!

Spruce Mountain

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  • Seed: 810281637
  • Spawn: 8, 7
  • Biome: Spruce Forest, Mountain

This seed will spawn you right in the middle of a giant Spruce Forest with a cave you can immediately explore. Just outside of the forest you’ll see a towering snowy mountain. This is another one that’s gorgeous to traverse.

Giant Village

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  • Seed: -849592212668084887
  • Spawn: 24,3
  • Biome: Plains

You’ll spawn right in the middle of a giant village that even reaches down the cliffside. This is the biggest village I’ve ever seen, and it’s filled with plenty of resources and tools to get you started right away.

Mesa Jungle

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  • Seed: 1878329028142965077
  • Spawn: 25,46
  • Biome: Jungle, Mesa 

This world will have you sort right at the edge of a Mesa that is connected to a Jungle Biome. This makes for a unique scenery with plenty of resources to start your survival world.

Two Mansions

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  • Seed: 985805234438876
  • Spawn: 9,33
  • Biome: Forest

What’s better than starting next to a mansion? Starting next to two of course! Not only that, but there’s a Nether Portal right next to one.

Stone Survival Island

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  • Seed: -4826066054966212080
  • Spawn: -101, 75
  • Biome: Stoney Shore

Is Survival Island right up your alley? Then check out this stone island! There are only a few blocks of dirt which makes it hard to grow more trees and crops. If you’re up for a challenge, this is the seed for you.

Cliffside Mansion

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  • Seed: 79832131450984
  • Spawn: -1,-55
  • Biome: Forest

Location is everything when you build a house. But what if you found a mansion in the middle of a river! You’ll spawn right next to and it also makes for a great bridge to get across.

Villager Island

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  • Seed: -9212153575171382386
  • Spawn: -7,152
  • Biome: Savannah, Plains

This world will spawn you in the middle of a savannah biome close to the coast. If you make your way across the sea, you’ll find an island with a village on it. Perfect if you want your own secluded area.

Nether Village 

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  • Seed: 966143940190379212
  • Spawn: 1,4
  • Biome: Plains

This village is right next to a Nether Portal, and there’s also a massive cave to explore behind the village. Everything you need will be right next to spawn.

Floating Island

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Seed: 43664882
  • Spawn: -83, -429
  • Biome: Beach

Let’s take island life to the next level for this final seed. What if there was just a village floating in the middle of the ocean. You’ll spawn on a beach but just off the coast you’ll find this lonely village. How long can you survive there?

Those are the best Minecraft 1.20.2 Java seeds according to Reddit.  Looking for more Minecraft tips, tricks, and worlds to explore? Check out our MC guides hub.

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