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Zombies rising from graves in foggy setting
Image via Mihail

The Best Skyrim Zombie Apocalypse Mods

Looking for a challenging survival experience? Try these zombie apocalypse mods!

If you’ve played Skyrim 100 times over, like I have, you probably want to switch things up. Mods can help you do that. If you’re looking for a real challenge, turn your Skyrim world into a full-blown apocalypse. Here are some of the best Skyrim zombie apocalypse mods.

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10 Best Zombie Apocalypse Mods in Skyrim

If you’re a fan of survival-based gameplay, a zombie apocalypse is one of the most intense survival experiences you can play. Thankfully, there is no shortage of apocalyptic mods to choose from, both on console and PC. Here are some of the very best that I came across.

28 Days and a Bit

Player turning into a zombie creature and other zombies in the background overtaking Whiterun
Image via Eccentric Team

28 Days and a Bit by Eccentric Team is a slightly older zombie apocalypse mod, but one of the most well-known. It fully simulates an outbreak by spawning zombies at different rates, allowing them to overtake the map over a more realistic time span. It’s up to you to save Skyrim by wiping out the hordes, barricading doors and gates, and helping the people of Skyrim at refugee camps and evacuation sites. Or, if you aren’t feeling heroic, join the Undead Legion and partake in the chaos.


Player in armor carrying a sword, fighting off two draugr
Image via dragonsong

Draugnarok by dragonsong is a zombie mod that fits more realistically into the setting of Skyrim. The zombies are Draugr instead of the typical genre fare. Similarly to 28 Days and a Bit, Draugnarok simulates an apocalyptic event but more carefully unravels it. The apocalypse happens in stages, making it feel more realistic and prolonging it. The outbreak will seem easy, but the hordes will grow and lead to the ultimate event. Will you defend the cities of Skyrim or run off to your own safe haven?

Death Consumes All

Title screen of a dark landscape and bones piled on the ground with the title of the mod on the screen
Image via Anbeegod

Death Consumes All by Anbeegod is a unique apocalyptic experience for Skyrim because it focuses more on narrative. It works more like a DLC, with over 13 quests to follow, 10 hours of playtime, and unique characters to interact with. The story follows a mysterious illness that kills and raises people as undead. Your choices along the path will determine the characters’ fates, pit you against the sieges of the undead, and even give you a chance to romance your new companion.


Player holding an axe looking out at snowy mountain landscape from the top of ruins
Image via Scrabbulor

If you don’t want to wait for a gradual outbreak, Shattered by Scrabbulor is the better option for you. This takes place as an immediate end-of-the-world scenario, as if Alduin had successfully overtaken Skyrim. All cities and towns are abandoned and destroyed, and the only people you’ll come across are Draugr, spirits, and undead. This allows full focus on exploration, survival, and battling.

Zombies – Mihail Monsters and Animals

Headless zombie rising out of a graveyard in foggy setting
Image via Mihail

Zombies – Mihail Monsters and Animals by Mihail brings realistic-acting zombies, variations of new zombies, and diseases without the extra fluff. If you aren’t looking for an all-out end-of-world scenario or long quests to work through, this provides just the zombies. You can run into eight new zombie types randomly around the world, as well as collect a new ingredient and contract two new diseases from the undead.

Skyrim Underground SSE

Picture collage of zombies and other creatures in a red filter
Image via AncientKane

Looking for something even more different? Skyrim Underground by AncientKane turns your game into a Dungeon Crawler, in which you’ll face waves of scary zombies. There are no vanilla monsters to fight here, only terrifying zombies made specially by futoshisan and other creatures from additional modders. This is all about the combat, so if you’re looking for instant action, one-on-one battle, this is your best choice.

Creepy Zombies

Player holding a torch being surrounded by zombies
Image via FUTOSHI

Much like Mihail’s Zombies mod, Creepy Zombies by FUTOSHI brings quality zombies to the world without any unnecessary additions. This new type of zombie can appear in several locations around the map and be summoned by an evil wizard when you reach higher levels. If you defeat the evil wizard, you can collect the spell to summon them for yourself.

Slightly More Useful Zombies

Gray smoke background with two skyrim dragon symbols and a skull in between
Image via Trying12343

Make zombies an asset for you with this Slightly More Useful Zombies mod by Trying12343. It allows zombies to work like companions for you, making them last for prolonged periods of time and have control over them. You can track them using a marker on your map and re-summon them as needed. They won’t just be a pile of bones that die right away; they will be powerful, worthwhile allies.

Zombies Islands LE

zombies on an island with water in background, zombies island text in red
Image via gg77

Zombies Islands LE by gg77 gives you a particular area to go to kill zombies as you please, but it isn’t any old battle. These are heavily packed islets and an underground dungeon full of hordes and two epic bosses to conquer. Put your zombie-hunting skills to the test and see if you can clear them all!

The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse

Woman zombie with fists up on a dock
Image via Chuckmccaw

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? This Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse mod by Chuckmccaw brings some of those action-packed themes to the world of Skyrim. Embark on a story-focused apocalypse experience, where you can set out on three different paths. Interact with story characters, each with their secrets and personalities, earn special items and player homes, and fight off humanoid-type zombies.

These are just a few of the amazing zombie mods available, but NexusMods has plenty of other options to browse over. Try them out for yourself and see just how good your survival skills are!

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