Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: BSL (M.I.F)

The EVE Universe can never have too many TLAs, but it is apparently in desperate need of more full-stops.

Ships Flown this Tournament: Sleipnir command ship (x2), Vulture command ship (x2), Damnation command ship 
Survival Percentage: 60%
BattleClinic Rank: #6,591 (down 5 from #6,586)
Previous Tournament Experience: New Eden Open (for The Expendables), Alliance Tournament IX (for Darkside.)

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Alliance: M.I.F
Alliance Form: 

  • 2013 (ATXI) – Eliminated on Day 4 of 6 by Agony Empire


BSL is a man of mystery, from his apparent fondness of enigmatic three-letter acronyms to his eclectic tournament journey.

Some of this mystery could well be explained by BSL’s Russian origin. His corporation (also called M.I.F) is based in the Siberian timezone (EVE Time +7 hours), so spare a thought for him and his corpmates as they fight through the night for their place in the Alliance Tournament.

BSL’s affiliations have seen him cut his tournament teeth at Alliance Tournament IX, where he flew for Darkside. in the 2011 tournament alongside FaffyWaffy, whose corporation Fremen Sietch, BSL joined and competed again for Darkside. in Alliance Tournament X the following year.

Shortly after the ATX tournament, BSL left Fremen Sietch and rejoined fellow Russian Corvin 1 in M.I.F as the corporation struck out alone, leaving Darkside. and forming their own alliance, also called M.I.F.

BSL kept his competitive eye in during the off-season by participating in the New Eden Open as part The Expendables. Team captain and fellow ATXI competitor HaartSp is well aware of BSL’s abilities, describing him as an Electronic Attack Frigate pilot who “easily wins [the] damp war solo versus four ships”.

So we shouldn’t be surprised if we see him switch from his recent run of flying Sleipnir command ships into his comfort zone of something damper and greener – at least that might improve his survival chances. Perhaps it is because he is so well known that he seems to be a popular first choice target, with neither of his Sleipnirs having survived the first weekend engagements.

Remember BSL, if they can’t reach you, they can’t kill you.

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