Shiny Glimmora, Pyroar, and Kingdra during a picnic in Pokemon Violet
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Top 32 Best Shiny Pokemon Designs, Ranked

We all have our favorite shinies. Here's our ranking of the top 32 best shiny Pokemon designs.

Shiny designs are the talk of the town with each new generation of Pokemon. While hunters aren’t picky on their quest to complete the so-called shiny ‘dex, let’s be honest — we all have our favorites. As Gen IX continues, here’s our ranking of the top 32 best shiny Pokemon designs yet.

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Top 32 Best Shiny Pokemon

32. Musharna

Musharna's ribbon summary in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via Gatortu on YouTube

Associated with sleep and dreams, Musharna’s typical pink coloration is swapped out for sleepier blue tones in its shiny design.

31. Pyroar

Shiny Pyroar at Apple Hills in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Teal Mask DLC
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The best of the barely noticeable shinies, Pyroar’s fur is lightened with a gold finish while its eyes go from blue to a more fitting fire-red.

30. Centiskorch

Shiny Centiskorch Pokedex model in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via SenseiPepsi on Reddit

Though minimal, the changes to Centiskorch’s coloring in its shiny form make me wish this palette had been chosen for its original design. The ash-black hue on its back is both appropriate and appealing.

29. Hawlucha

Shiny Hawlucha in the Pokemon XY animated series
Image via The Pokemon Company

Although Hawlucha is often overlooked as a single-stage species, the Wrestling Pokemon’s stellar shiny design was spotlighted during its very own episode in the animated series.

28. Kingdra

Kingdra at Moissfell Confluence in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Teal Mask DLC
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Kingdra might have lost the Poison Point ability upon evolution, but its purple shiny design keeps the trend going while hinting at the royal roots of its name.

27. Dragonair

Shiny Dragonair with Braixen, Sylveon, and Serena in the Pokemon XY animated series
Image via The Pokemon Company

Dragonair’s hot pink shiny is heavily favored by fans of the Gen I pseudo-legendary line, which takes a drastic and somewhat disappointing turn with Dragonite’s green scales.

26. Meganium

Shiny Meganium in the Coastal Biome of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Indigo Disk DLC
Image via CategoryKing000 on YouTube

Despite some debate about what kind of flower grows from Meganium’s neck, I’d personally guess hibiscus. In this case, the Grass-type’s shiny form beautifully captures the flower’s orange color variation with subtle changes to its body as well.

25. Milotic

Shiny Milotic in the water in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image via BowtieWilliams on Reddit

Defined by its beauty, Milotic’s shiny had high expectations to meet — and it succeeded. I’d argue its newfound blue and orange color palette looks even better than the original, highlighting its gorgeous eyelashes.

24. Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist

Gourgeist at the campsite in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via BerserkWings15 on Reddit

Remaining true to their Halloween influence, both Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist swap out their tired orange and black color combo for a purple-based look that’s just as spooky, albeit a tad less realistic.

23. Breloom

Close-up shot of shiny Breloom in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image via JohnnyCageTheLegend on Reddit

I love a shiny that just makes sense. Grass-type Pokemon are all too often victims of the “make it gold” rule, but Breloom’s shiny is the exception, with a fitting red color palette that reflects its title of the Mushroom Pokemon.

22. Ponyta and Rapidash

Player interacts with her shiny Ponyta in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Screenshot by GameSkinny

After years spent searching for a shiny Rapidash, I was ecstatic to finally go in for the catch when a shiny Ponyta appeared as part of a field quest in Legends: Arceus. I’m a huge fan of their blue flames, which seem to signify these forms burn hotter and faster than their standard counterparts.

21. Charizard

Standard and shiny Charizard during a picnic in Pokemon Scarlet
Image via PhillyBeatzU on YouTube

While Charizard is easily one of the most sought-after shinies on the list, this Gen I fan favorite’s popularity is likely the culprit. That said, its shiny form’s sleek black coloration suits its status as a Fire-type powerhouse and contrasts its standard palette nicely.

20. Jumpluff

Close-up shot of shiny Jumpluff in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image via Dusty on YouTube

Does it make total sense? Maybe not, but it sure is cute. Jumpluff’s shiny form has been beloved by fans since the Hoppip line was introduced back in Gen II, and the final form’s pastel pink puffs are to thank.

19. Manectric

Close-up shot of shiny Manectric in Pokemon Sun & Moon
Image via Sixft Hax on YouTube

One of the most criminally underrated shinies, Manectric ditches the blue and yellow palette worn by countless other Electric-types for something a bit more serious. Its shiny form’s gunmetal-grey fur and striking blue eyes make the perfect color swap for a jolting new look.

18. Umbreon

Close-up shot of shiny Umbreon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image via Masterfriedrice on YouTube

Simple, yet so effective. Known for its moon-like rings, Umbreon substitutes its yellow glow for a blue hue in its shiny form. This reflects its rarity in a clever way; you know what they about blue moons.

17. Roserade

Shiny Roserade and Skorupi in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Image via Gallumbazos on Reddit

For whatever reason, Roserade’s shiny has always given me Tuxedo Mask vibes. (Any Sailor Moon fans here?) In any case, its purple and black bouquets work wonders with its design theme, which plays at a masquerade look.

16. Zoroark

Shot of shiny Zoroark in battle in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via Waddy on YouTube

While Zoroark’s standard red and black palette is fitting for a Dark-type, the indigo hue of its fur in shiny form is a bit more fitting for the Illusion Fox Pokemon, whose signature moves are Night Daze and Night Slash.

15. Whimsicott

Player catches a shiny Whimsicott during a raid battle in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via Sapphire of Chaos on YouTube

Whimsicott’s shiny makes less sense, but that hasn’t stopped collectors from searching far and wide for this rare high-contrast beauty. I especially love its blue earmuffs and pillowy white fluff.

14. Salazzle

Shiny Salazzle at camp in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via Whispershahh on Reddit

Salazzle is among the toughest shinies to get your hands on thanks to its gender-exclusive evolution. Salandit shares the same striking color change, but it’s my goal to catch ones of these girls in a Premier Ball.

13. Gigalith

Player encounters a shiny Gigalith in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via Akiho- on YouTube

While it no longer holds the title of the Ore Pokemon in its final form, the focal point of Gigalith’s design is its red gem-like protrusions. Their color is done over a crystalline blue in its shiny form to highlight this feature.

12. Gyarados

Close-up shot of shiny Gyarados in the Pokemon animated series
Image via The Pokemon Company

If you grew up playing early Pokemon games in the ’90s, the legendary Red Gyarados of Johto was likely your introduction to shiny Pokemon. Its crimson color may be odd for a Water-type, but it’s truly iconic.

11. Metagross

Steven Stone's shiny Metagross in the Pokemon animated series
Image via The Pokemon Company

Metagross is one of the most unique Pokemon to date, and its shiny form does the pseudo-legendary justice. In exchange for its signature cobalt color, it takes on a befitting steely-grey tone topped off with a gold faceplate.

10. Lopunny

Buneary evolves into shiny Lopunny in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via Pikanjo on YouTube

Shiny Lopunny is an icon, a legend, and she is the moment! Long favored by hunters of these rare Pokemon, Lopunny’s fur is dyed hot pink in its shiny form, which carries over to its Mega for a kick-ass new look.

9. Sandyghast and Palossand

Standard and shiny Sandyghast on a beach in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image via CPUBLUE on YouTube

The Sandyghast line isn’t exactly the most popular two generations after its introduction, but I remember the hype for their shinies like it was yesterday. These Ground/Ghost-types would blend right in on a black sand beach.

8. Phantump and Trevenant

Close-up shot of shiny Phantump in the Pokemon XY animated series
Image via The Pokemon Company

Both Grass/Ghost-types, Phantump and Trevenant appear along the autumnal Route 115 leading to Laverre City in X & Y. In their shiny forms, their bark takes on a more appropriate bone-white color while their foliage burns bright orange.

7. Haxorus

Player encounters a shiny Haxorus in Pokemon Black 2 & White 2
Image via MunchingOrange on YouTube

The fifth generation of Pokemon is one of the darkest to date in terms of story and the overall color palette of the games. Haxorus’ shiny fits the bill with a sharp black and grey combo (and you can catch it for free in the Black 2 & White 2 post-game).

6. Alcremie

Milcery evolves into shiny Alcremie in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via RaZzi on YouTube

Alcremie’s shiny is so clever I have to give credit where it’s due. The Cream Pokemon can take on any one of 63 appearances in total, each topped with sweets and color combos of all kinds, but its shiny gives it a sort of baked Alaska look with an ashy char.

5. Oinkologne

Two shiny Oinkologne in Pokemon Scarlet
Image via Fun-Professional-271 on Reddit

Is it revolutionary? No, but news that Oinkologne’s shiny form gives the Hog Pokemon a perfect pink makeover rocked the community upon the release of Scarlet & Violet, and it remains a new-gen favorite.

4. Appletun, Flapple, and Dipplin

Close-up shot of shiny Flapple in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Image via mana_chan__ on X

The Applin line famously resembles apples, and their shiny forms take the trend one step further with a green Granny Smith-style twist. There’s an easy way to catch a shiny Applin and get rare Appletun, Flapple, and Dipplin in Gen IX’s Indigo Disk DLC, too.

3. Delphox

Shiny Delphox's summary in Pokemon Scarlet
Image via GroggimusPrime on Reddit

Delphox boasts one of the most stunning shinies in all of Pokemon, but it’s long been overlooked by another Gen VI starter’s shiny form. Even so, the addition of purple and grey tones perfectly captures the mysticism of this Fire/Psychic-type’s lore.

2. Ninetales

Close-up shot of shiny Ninetales in Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu & Eevee
Image via KangasKid18 on Reddit

Based on the Japanese kitsune, Ninetales’ design and mythology are taken up a notch with its shiny’s ghostly grey look. This falls in line not only with its themes but also its learnset, including moves like Hex, Nasty Plot, and Dark Pulse.

1. Greninja

Shiny Greninja in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image via ConCon on YouTube

Greninja’s shiny design is widely regarded as the best of all. A Water/Dark-type, the Ninja Pokemon fittingly takes on a slick black look with blue Water Shuriken-esque markings to reflect its signature move.

While these 32 standouts have earned a spot on our list, there’s no shortage of incredible shiny Pokemon designs thus far. For more on your favorite Pokemon, check out our list of the top 21 strongest species here at GameSkinny.

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