Why I’ve Stayed with Terraria: The Good, The Bad, The Awesome

Why I've stuck with Terraria even though I've been told some negative things. Specifically, how Minecraft is better than Terraria.

Why I've stuck with Terraria even though I've been told some negative things. Specifically, how Minecraft is better than Terraria.

I’ve heard many different opinions about Terraria over my past year/two years of playing. Some people have said that it’s a waste of time, or nothing compared to Minecraft. I find these people to be a bit ignorant in their belief, since Terraria is still a developing game coming out with updates – just like Minecraft. Although they have the same type of gameplay: adventure and building, they both have their game-specific perks.

Terraria and it’s updates

Since Terraria is still pushing out updates like Minecraft, they’ve branched off into a different direction than what Minecraft has done. This direction would be holiday updates and specialty items. In the most recent Halloween update, Terraria has given the players numerous new items discussed here. These add-ons strictly for the Halloween season, gave players new bosses and building materials. I have yet to see such marvel come from Minecraft.

As a precursor to the actual update going live, there were many rumors going around and spreading that discussed what we could expect in the upcoming update. The precursor hype can be found here, which showed the melding of two great gamesMinecraft and Terraria. Andrew Spinks went through all the processes to get Notch to let them have a Creeper costume in Terraria, and it was all for the greater good. It turned out to be a great costume to find, and gave Minecraft AND Terraria fans something to look forward to.

Terraria moving towards Consoles and Mobile

Just as we’ve seen from Minecraft, Terraria is moving towards a console based game and mobile usage. These were big strides for Terraria since their revival just about a year ago. This means that they’re not only making content for the PC/Steam users, but they also have to worry about the functionality of consoles and Android. For a bit more information about their motion towards consoles and mobile, refer here for more details. The move to encompass more than just PC use will open Terraria to a whole new platform of gaming, and a whole new gaming market. This will mean great things for the fans of Terraria, and for the creators at Re-Logic.

All in all, when I hear someone bad mouthing a game I get a little irked. ESPECIALLY when they bad mouth a game that’s similar to the same one they like. I would say to all gamers with strong opinions, check for facts first and run your mouth later. Never know, something you might be bad mouthing earlier, might become a game you love tomorrow.

If you’ve had a great/bad experience with Terraria comment below. Share your opinions.

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