Microsoft won E3, and is poised to own 2015.

Why Microsoft won E3

Microsoft won E3, and is poised to own 2015.

Some of the most interesting conversations post-E3 come out of debating who “won.”

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There are many factors that decide who had the most successful conference, but based on software, services, and making fans excited to own a console, Microsoft made Sony and Nintendo look bad.


We can all almost unanimously agree that Xbox has better games coming out this year compared to Nintendo and Sony. Sony has incredible games coming next year, but short of their 2016 lineup Sony does not seem to have a killer 1st-party exclusive app for this winter.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is sitting with Halo 5, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Forza 6, and a timed exclusive in Rise of the Tomb Raider. All of these games come out this year, on top of both Microsoft and Sony getting most big AAA third-party games.

And then there is Nintendo, who do not have much lined up for this year. Xenoblade Chronicles X and Super Mario Maker headline Nintendo’s Fall/Winter lineup, but these two games will have a hard time competing since they are attached to the Wii U, which is much less popular than the 3DS.

In terms of games, Microsoft wins. They may not have had the exciting announcements that Sony had. However, judging what is coming this year, Microsoft has a vastly superior lineup this year, but with Sony looking stronger than Microsoft in 2016 with Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, and other potential hits.


Microsoft introduced backwards compatibility, perhaps the biggest announcement in any press conference. This is a huge move in favor for the consumer, who is now offered a console that can play games from two libraries.

Add in the fact that Fallout 4 PC mods will be available on the Xbox One version (with mods on PS4 presumed to come later), and you have some really cool services and features coming to Xbox One.

Sony is certainly playing the long game, introducing phenomenal looking games slated for 2016. That being said, Microsoft is seizing the moment and looks to tighten the console sales gap separating them and their Sony counterpart.

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