Silent Hill 2 Remake Combat Trailer Stoked Debate and Worry, Not Hype

Silent Hill 2's new combat trailer leaves players more worried than excited.

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Bloober Team and Konami released a combat trailer to update their progress on the remake of Silent Hill 2. However, fans of the original game aren’t thrilled by what they saw in the trailer, leaving them worried. Here’s why everybody is debating combat in Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 2’s Combat Controversy and Why Players are Worried

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Image via Konami

Combat shown in the trailer appears smoother and more streamlined compared to the original SH2. However, this Resident Evil over-the-shoulder style isn’t a sign of hope for long-time SH players. The community ran to the comment section to both praise and criticize the new combat on YouTube. Then, moved their debates to other platforms, such as Reddit. Some look forward to smoother combat and improved camera angles. However, many worry that too much emphasis on combat robs the game of what made it memorable: the psychological elements.

Combat in SH2 wasn’t great, and there wasn’t a lot of it either. The focus stayed on horror rather than action. Now, there’s a debate that the combat shown in the trailer indicates a higher focus on that aspect rather than using time to truly focus on the story and nightmares manifested by James’ guilt.

The trailer shows James heading into battle instead of running and doing his best to avoid it. The style seems much easier than it was in the original. However, some players argue that it made sense for the combat to be clunky and limited because James is an average guy who isn’t trained in combat. Seeing James fight in the trailer suggests that you won’t feel as helpless in the remake, but that doesn’t align with the typical SH style of horror. And it removes fear from the creatures that are meant to represent James’ inner demons and overwhelming guilt. The community is rightfully worried.

Bloober Team’s Previous Development Experience

But I say it’s too early to judge. Glimpses of combat don’t give us enough information about how prevalent it’ll be in-game. Bloober Team used the trailer to show off combat, but that doesn’t mean that the entire game emphasizes combat to the same extent.

Having played their previous game, The Medium, I give Bloober Team the benefit of the doubt and believe that they’ll carry their work with the atmosphere there over to the SH2 remake. They kept the focus away from combat in The Medium, forcing you to run and hide from enemies instead. Like James, Marianne also travels between worlds: one real and one psychic. She, however, has more control over traveling between realms. Either way, Bloober Team’s experience includes working with overlaying two different worlds, solving puzzles, and limiting combat.

However, it makes sense why players worry and debate what combat should look like, given that recent SH releases proved lackluster at best. We’re all a bit on edge, especially considering Konami canceled the most promising game in years — Silent Hills. In the end, these debates stem from a love for the game and what the franchise used to be.

But that’s why everybody is debating combat in Silent Hill 2. It’s not about the combat itself as much as it stems from concern over how this new, better system affects the story and ambiance. From here, check out more horror content like 10 best horror game stories or how to download Silent Hill: The Short Message.

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