X Rocker Pro Review: Are Gaming Chairs Still a Thing?

Is the X Rocker Pro worth the $200 price tag?
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Are gaming chairs still popular? I often wonder about that since I gave up on them. I always see gamers wear expensive headsets, set up a surround sound system, or even use those sound bars that seem to fill entire rooms with…sound. I hardly ever see anyone use a gaming chair and if my experience with them is the norm, then I know why.

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Meet the X Rocker Pro gaming chair. This wireless chair masterpiece comes with a sturdy aluminum base and faux leather seating, a 4.1 semi surround sound system with AFM technology. With this chair you will feel every rumble, every snap of a bullet, and an immersion so great, it defies the laws of physics and Mr. Newton himself.

I really hope you caught the satire there. This chair is anything but immersive.  Let’s run down the features I just mentioned.


First, the rumble is not rumble at all. It’s more like a gentle quiver because the bass that is crammed in the back can’t produce any form of deep tones unless cranked up to the highest setting. However, if you do turn up the volume, the speakers tend to pop and your heart may as well be on its way to shock therapy. It’s a shame that the volume can get so loud, but the quality of the sound diminishes so rapidly.

Second, the wireless feature, while seeming like a nice touch, can have a lot of interference, especially if you are playing on a console and have a computer in the same room. You can hear a faint, but ever so noticeable high pitched ringing that will make you want to turn off the chair just to get some relief, and considering it has to be on to you know, work, that can be a problem.

Third, and perhaps the worst thing about this chair is that the “sturdy aluminum base” is actually rather flimsy. Lean back too quick and it will break. Lean forward too much and it will break. Sit down too hard and it will break.  It breaks easier than a potato chip in the front bag on a shelf at Wal-Mart.

Please everyone, stay away from this junk if you are considering a gaming chair.  Of course, at $200 you could just get a gaming headset for half of that and save yourself some money, but that is an article for another day.

I’m curious to know if you own or ever have owned a gaming chair and if so, what did you like/dislike about it?  

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