Halo 3 Easter Egg Found After, Oh, Seven Years

This "awww" inspiring Easter Egg in Halo 3 has finally been discovered after seven whole years.

Bungie, developer of the Halo franchise and planter of notoriously hard to find Easter eggs is at it again... or, still. However, unlike other favorites within the franchise such as "half-naked guy" and the "food nipple grunt," this Easter egg took gamers seven years to uncover.

The "Half-naked guy" Easter egg as found in Halo 3.         



This easter egg is a hidden loading screen message and its discovery doesn't come as a surprise to former Bungie Developer Adrian Perez, who had previously teased gamers in a community Q&A:

Q: What is your proudest moment in your time at Bungie?

A: Showing my wife the Easter egg I put in the Halo 3 loading screen for her – the one that nobody has found yet.

To view this special message, you have to wait until this Christmas, (or reset your Xbox clock to December 25th), then click both thumbsticks on the loading screen. If you're successful, you will see a special birthday message to Perez's wife Lauren hidden amongst the forming Halo.

Of course unless you're a hardcore do-it-yourselfer or a professional Easter egg hunter, you can also see the glitch demonstrated in the video above.

Published Jul. 10th 2014

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