Latest Crash Bandicoot rumor may not be what you'd expect

Not one, but two retailers have mentioned the existence of a PS4 "Crash Pack" for the upcoming Skylanders Imaginators. Hey, isn't that the name of a certain orange mammal...?

There's been no shortage of rumors and teases regarding a Crash Bandicoot reboot, which has left fans of the classic PlayStation titles hungry for an actual confirmation. However, a recent development may put a damper on such hopes. A Singapore retailer, Qisahn, has listed an exclusive deal for the PlayStation 4 version of Skylanders Imaginators: a Crash Pack. The page description is terse, simply stating the pack will be announced "later."

Furthermore, another Singapore retailer by the name of ABXY posted on their Facebook about preordering the game, also mentioning this mysterious pack.

While this specific retailer isn't tied to any previous leaks, it's worth noting that a Game Informer article regarding Skylanders Imaginators was edited to remove details of an upcoming "guest star" for this new iteration. Could Crash Bandicoot be this upcoming cameo?

As a reminder: both Crash Bandicoot and Skylanders are both owned by Activision, and fellow PlayStation star Spyro the Dragon helped jumpstart the franchise. 

Would you want Crash Bandicoot to appear in Skylanders? Let us know in the comments below!

Published Jun. 9th 2016
  • Dustin Frisch
    Baah... I don't get the hype for Skylanders.

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