Red Bull Battle Grounds DC: Group A Winners

Red Bull Battle Grounds Group A results are in. It's a very close competition, but there is much more to come.

Red Bull Battle Grounds their grand finals tournament in Washington, DC today. This is the final event that everyone has been working for, and everything is on the line. The 8 competitors for this weekend are:

Group AGroup B
Bomber Polt
Trap Cure
sOs Scarlett
DongRaeGu PartinG

Group A finished with the following results:

  • Bomber (4-0)
  • Trap (4-2)
  • sOs (2-4)
  • DonRaeGu (0-4)

Bomber and Trap will move foward in the competition to take on the top two challengers from Group B (competing this afternoon). 

One common theme with Group A is that there have been no tie-matches yet. Every game has been decided with a 2-0 victory (or 2-0 loss).  

The wins and losses may appear one-sided, but the many of the games themselves have been neck and neck. It's difficult to predict who will take home the championship win this weekend, but stick around and be sure to check out the action live.


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Published Sep. 20th 2014

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