PAX East - Games Journalism in the Age of Independence

Never give up and create your own voice.

Had an awesome time jumping into this panel and listening to Justin Amirkhani [Writer,], HipHopGamer [Owner,], and Neal Ronaghan [Editor, Nintendo Force Magazine

Three guys with very different backgrounds talked game journalists and creating unique and interesting content away from the constraints of the traditional press model.

In other words, YOU, GameSkinny writer.

Some things I found interesting and something they all agreed on:

  • Think outside of the box. It is the best and almost the only way to create your own voice. You need to differentiate yourself. Say to yourself each and every day - I will try to do something that doesn't seem normal. 
  • Ask yourself, "What do you want?" and analyze some of the names you look up to.
  • Identify with the people you're trying to reach. Huge game companies are exactly that, they're companies, you're a human who can relate to people. You as the writer know how to personalize the industry. 
  • HipHopGamer specifically brought crazy enthusiasm and seemed mad cool. He said don't worry about pissing people off or pushing buttons.  If people care enough to talk bad on you, you must be doing something good. Show you care, show you're passionate.
  • GamerUnplugged also said, be genuine and authentic. Everyone has a voice inside of them, find it! Write, write, write. The first and most important thing to do is get your name out there.
  • What aren't people doing? How can you be different? 


All three agreed, keep at it. Try, try, try because the only people who fail are the ones who give up.

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Published Apr. 26th 2013

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