Fusion gets players behind the scenes of a few Star Wars games

Fusion is getting behind the scenes of some Star Wars video games. It's awesome and Star Wars fans should watch.

The TV Channel Fusion is going to be airing a special treat for Star Wars and gaming fans all over. The half-hour special will be going inside the offices of the developers that created Star Wars: The Old Republic, Disney Infinity 3.0, and Star Wars Battlefront. The title for this show will be Star Wars: A New Gaming Era, and will air starting at 8pm on November 14th.

This is exciting. Watchers will get a glimpse into the creative minds of the people behind the games themselves. Not only that, but the show will also be featuring insight from a creative director on the Walt Disney Imagineering team. Then at some point in the show Ashley Eckstein will be talking about her role as Ahsoka Tano from The Clone War series.

The program is being hosted by YouTube’s Jerome Aceti and Jennifer Landa. Jerome Aceti is a Let's Player and Jennifer Landa is a vlogger and Star Wars Fanatic. She also was the one that had her Star Wars wedding shared across Facebook.

I am extremely excited about this show tonight. I hope you are as well. I’m not familiar with the hosts, but they seem cool. I think Maude Garrett should totally have hosted. Who do you think should have hosted? Comment below.


Happy to be a gamer!

Published Nov. 12th 2015

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