Meta Knight Amiibo Set for Feb. 20th Release

Kirby's rival from Dream Land will arrive in Amiibo form February 20th. Will you be getting one?

If you haven't figured out by now, Amiibo hunting is the newest thing that's sweeping the nation. The way Amiibo hunting is going, it could be part of next Olympics. Best Buy has announced that Meta Knight will be available on February 20th for the usual Amiibo price of $13. People who don't have a preorder in place could be out of luck on this one, seeing how difficult the other store-exclusive Amiibo have been to get without a preorder in place.

Best Buy has been emailing purchasers with the details of when Kirby's rival from Dream Land will be released. However, Best Buy has taken some heat for cancelling New 3DS preorders because they don't have the stock. So if you're expecting a Meta Knight, I would be there right as Best Buy opens on release day, just to make sure you actually get one. It would appear that Best Buy had been dragging their feet on announcing a release date for their exclusive Amiibo, and it will be interesting to see if there is any non-preorder stock available.


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Published Feb. 14th 2015

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