Pokemon Announces Latest and Last TCG Expansion for XY

Pokemon TCG XY series will release its final set title Evolutions on November 2, 2016.

Pokemon announced its latest expansion for the Trading Card Game XY series. Titled "Evolutions" and available for purchase on November 2, Pokemon continues to celebrate its 20 year anniversary by bringing back its original trading cards from the Base Set.

Mixing old and new, the cards are packed with nostalgia in appearance, but redone stats give them all the power they need to compete with modern-day decks. The often sought-after Charizard is once again searching for hands to wield its power. 

With EX cards such as Mega Venasuar-EX and Dragonite-EX still in the mix, there are various ways to pummel opponents. Over 100 cards are available in the set. Booster packs and two new theme decks, Pikachu Power and Mewtwo Mayhem, will be available at retailers once the set is out.

Along with the EX cards comes four new BREAK cards, including Machamp BREAK, there is a plethora of variety when it comes to choosing cards and enhancing decks. 

Will you be attending pre-releases to add these cards to your collection early, or waiting to hit the stores when the set releases? Let us know your favorite way to collect new cards in the comments!

Published May. 18th 2020

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