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The Battle for Port Scion

10 to 20 per Team, 20 min Timer
The Skinny

In the Battle for Port Scion, the goal of the match is to reach 1000 points. Victory goes to the team who reaches the goal, has the most points after 20 minutes, or kills the enemy boss. You can get points from capturing the bridge, killing enemy combatants, or turning in sourcestones.



With its huge size Port Scion is pretty fun, considering all the nooks and crannies you can hide in to gank enemy players. You get points by killing enemy players, which gives around 2 points per kill. You can also get points by destroying the enemy "idols", which gives you 100 points and lowers the points the enemy gets from sourcestones by 10. And you can get points by turning in sourcestones, which would be around 30 per turn in

The main goal would be to capture the church, which spawn 2 sourcestones at either corner inside the building. The church will be found at the north center of the map. The second place that has a sourcestone spawn is at the bottom center, both of which are on either sides of the bridge.

The bridge is basically a spawn point, where instead of spawning at the furthest reaches of the map, the team that controls the bridge can respawn there. But be careful, if you are not in control of the map but control the bridge, you're basically giving the enemy an easy 2 kills per spawn.

The bridge can be captured the game starts by 1 minute, so don't place that as a priority as much as controlling the Church. There is also one more way of gaining points, which is by completing any of the repeatable quests in the map. Each quest that is turned in gives 25 points, and any of the objectives that are completed by anyone in the raid counts for the entire team. So it would be possible four people to stand near the quest giver and repeatedly turn in the quests for 100 points every pop.

The final way of winning is by killing the enemy boss. The boss has around 23 million health and high damage. So without a prepared team (and properly geared) it will be a tough way to win.

Team Setup:

Since this is a large raid fight, it is best to have area of effect healers, and single target damage dealers. Support's that can increase movement speed help as well. Remember that you can't mount if you have the sourcestone, but you can jump over walls to reach your base faster.

That's it for our PvP guide, but if you have something that you want to add that might help new players out, make sure to include it in the comments. Best of luck and happy hunting!

Published Apr. 1st 2016

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