Car Bomb Threat Handled at Gearbox HQ Parking Lot

The bomb squad was called in for a car bomb threat in the Gearbox HQ parking lot, and the president filled us in on all the details.

A car bomb threat was dealt with by a bomb squad at the Gearbox HQ parking lot in Plano, Texas, late on Friday.

Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, posted pictures of the event on Twitter. The event happened around 7:30 PM Central time, when most of the staff went home for the day.

Based on the tweets, Pitchford was able to get close enough to photograph a robot from the Plano police department bomb squad that was aiding in the bomb disposal. Due to the seriousness of the situation, not many details were released.

Because Pitchford's car was so close to the danger area, he wasn't able to leave until around 10:00 PM Central time when the all clear was given. Naturally, he began thinking of all those movies that featured cars blowing up when the ignition started. Luckily, nothing bad happened!

It might be a good thing that Gearbox is moving their headquarters. Back in mid-June, it was announced that Gearbox was moving from Plano to Frisco (still in Texas). The move will happen in 2015.

Image credit: Platform Nation

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Published Oct. 3rd 2014
  • Jay Prodigious
    Don't know how I missed this, I live in the area. Insane that this happened right in my backyard essentially.

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