China's ban on video game consoles has come to an end

After a 15 year ban on video game consoles throughout the entirety of China, they've lifted the ban; but will include strict regulations for the consoles that are manufactured and sold.

After a long 15 year ban on video game consoles, companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will have the opportunity to manufacture and sell their consoles anywhere within the country of China.

Reading the Fine Print

Although these companies will be able to expand their corporate reach throughout China, there are some strict rules that will apply, set forth by China's Ministry of Culture. The regulations haven't been announced at the moment, but the companies may end up having to jump through hoops to get permission.

These corporations have had previous experience selling their goods in China through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. That may have been a small limitation in the vast land of China, but at least the companies were able to get their foot through the door, and offer potential growth in the foreign country.

Only Sony has given a comment on the situation and shown gratitude towards the opportunity. 

"This is great news for us" - Sony Computer Entertainment Spokeswoman

What are your opinions on this opportunity that has arisen for the video game industry? It's bound to become a game changer with the revenue opportunities that can arise. 

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Published Jul. 27th 2015
  • GetterG
    Yes the ban was lifted due to the "success" of the ban.

    Go to HK and watch the number of consoles being taken over the border, also China has quite the high number of PC gamers and 2nd gens spending over 10k RMB per month on MMOs and the like.

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