Valkyria Revolution Demo Confirmed, Still No Words On Cross-Play

The new title in the Valkyria franchise will get a demo on December. The game releases for both PS4 and PSVita, but does this mean we'll see cross-play?

Those of you who love the Valkyria Chronicles series from the early days of PS3, like me, might want to get your PS4 and/or Vita ready. As, this December Sega is going to release a prologue demo for the game inspired by the franchise, Valkyria Revolution. The demo will come on December 22nd for the PS4 and on the 26th for the Vita. You will also be able to carry over your save data to the full game later on.

As the name suggested, the demo will take place at the beginning of the game, introducing background info on the main conflict of the game as well as some major characters. Speaking of major characters, here you'll get to know more about the Five Grand Criminals, the group that sets the game's story into motion.

Sega also prepared some rewards for those who complete the demo. Players can get a new magic art called "Rush Blaze+." It's not clear what the magic can do, or if you gain it at the start of the game later, but we can assume it's something pretty neat.

Valkyria Revolution will be released on both console and handheld, but so far it's not clear whether or not the game will support either cross-play or remote play. We will wait for confirmation from Sega before we can say anything definite.

Valkyria Revolution will tell the story of a war between the Rus Empire and the Jutland Kingdom. It is set in a different world than the original Valkyria franchise and will have a musou-like gameplay, with the additional ability to customize your hero's skills and weapons.

Yasunori Mitsuda, of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy fame, will handle the soundtrack.

Valkyria Revolution releases on January 19 2017 for both PS4 and the Vita in Japan. Both North American and European audiences will get the game on Q2 2017 for PS4, Vita, and Xbox One.


Published Dec. 15th 2016

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