Destiny hits 25 million players, up 5 million in past 6 months

Destiny is raking in users, play-time, and spreading popularity across the internet.

Hey there, Destiny fans-- all 25 million of you! Developer Bungie announced the recent hike in players, jumping up 5 million players from just 20 million registered users six months ago in May. 

It's not just a number of registered users, either, because game play average is long and popularity is big too. Activision announced that Destiny players average 3 hours per day, and it is also the "most watched console game on Twitch."

So what makes Destiny that great? I took to the internet to find out.

Destiny has a great community

There are always bad apples, but from what I'm seeing, everyone is friendlier than most. Sometimes games get the bad reputation of spawning a community of all of the world's jerks in the same place (you know the one), but this doesn't seem to be the case.

Subreddits appear everywhere for fans to find places to have a friendly chat about the game, help each other, or set up a group to start a raid session.

They keep coming out with new things

Every week or two, you'll see a GameSkinny article about the latest and greatest weapon in Destiny. Well, that's because they keep coming out with new things. Weekly game resets introduces new special weapons, gears, and other modifiers.

The weapons themselves are described as "exotic" and some come with special perks that have everyone diving for the latest guide to figure out how to get to it. Or maybe there are some hidden in the game that players haven't found yet.

Either way, it's a fueling addiction to get the post powerful, rare, and cool looking items.

It's gorgeous

This new generation of gaming graphics really sends people flying to get these babies at the first sign of some really A+ rendering. Destiny is no different. It's not just common scenery, either. This is a sci-fi game with space involved. Even in the heat of battle, there's something gorgeous to look at.

There are several other reasons why this game is really taking off, but let's keep it short. If you haven't gotten your hands on it yet, Destiny is available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and 360. The game was initially released in September 2014.


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Published Nov. 3rd 2015

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