The Power to Create - Black Desert's Character Customisation System

Next-Gen looks on Free to Play titles. Cool, huh?

The up and coming MMORPG, Black Desert, has just released some new footage of its character customisation features. And in terms of the scope of what you can tinker with--and the visually stunning graphics to boot--I have to say that I was damn impressed; so far as to say this has some very interesting implications for the future of video gaming. 

Yes, I will admit that there is about an entire minute of unnecessarily showing how you can modify a half-naked woman, but as we know at GameSkinny, this is all too common for the "target audiences" the gaming industry can't help but pigeonhole. Aside from this, the whole customisation process looks fascinating. There is also a clip here from several months ago, which shows off some shockingly realistic next-gen player models (see 1:40):

Given that it's currently tipped to be a Free-to-Play release, I'm excited to give this game a try. Are we seeing a new level of graphical impressiveness here, or am I getting a bit over excited about nothing? What do you think? Please comment below with your thoughts, or even suggestions to other upcoming releases that have some sentiment towards the potential of next-generation gaming.

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Published Apr. 8th 2014

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