Project Eve Gets New 4-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Project Eve gameplay trailer reveals a little bit of the game's story and shows off a lot of combat.

Project Eve, the upcoming action RPG from Korean developer Shift Up Corp., dazzled in a four-minute gameplay trailer during Sony's recent PlayStation showcase. It was revealed back in 2019, but not much has been shared since then outside of a trailer in late 2020. 

There's a lot of Bayonetta meets Devil May Cry here, with touches of NieR and Scarlet Nexus thrown in for good measure. And that all sounds like a good mixture to me. You can see the trailer above. 

Talking about Project Eve over on the PlayStation Blog, Kim Hyung Tae, Director at Shift Up, said that Eve is a special forces soldier of sorts sent to fight back an alien force that's taken over the Earth. 

In the not-too-distant future, mankind is expelled from Earth after losing the battle against the invaders called the NA:tives. To win back Earth, the player becomes Eve, the survivor of the paratrooper squad deployed from the Colony, who must fight through powerful enemies with new comrades.

Combat is combat-focused, with Eve implementing skills and abilities to take down enemies, some of which are seen in the trailer. Of course, the game will take advantage of the PS5's hardware and tech for fast load times and haptic feedback. 

There's no release date for Project Eve yet, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, be sure to check the trailer above to see the game in action. 

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Published Sep. 9th 2021

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