Kerbal Space Program is Landing On Wii U

Find out when you and your Wii U can go into space

A new trailer for Kerbal Space Program, the cartoony space simulator for the Wii U is in orbit.

A launch date or pricing is yet to be announced but this comes after a year since developer 50 Unity Games said they were making a Wii U port. Kerbal Space Program is now on Steam and is lauded as a very cheerful and fun game that doesn't take itself to seriously.

The gameplay involves the player taking control of a race of green humanoid type beings, Kerbals, while they're drifting through space on a ship. The player must construct rockets and other machines to get into space, and then once that is complete they must maintain the spaceship while it's in orbit. Going beyong that, landing on other planets and moons is encouraged. 

It was announced at E3 this year that another developer by the name of Tiger Entertainment is developing a PS4 port, and a Xbox One edition was announced as well.


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Published Aug. 28th 2015

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