Blitzcrank saves the poros in League of Legends side-scroller

Summer goes out in 8-bit style with Riot's tribute to retro gaming in which Blitzcrank hurries to save one of League's most beloved critters from Baron Nashor.

As of yesterday, the League of Legends Arcade is open, bringing with it another addictive mini-game until the event ends in September.  In Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup, you guide Blitzcrank and save as many adorable poros as possible from the three jaws of Baron Nashor - all while recruiting and fighting different champions in this 8-bit side-scroller.

Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup follows in the footsteps of the 2013 April Fool's joke Cho-Gath Eats the World by condensing a popular League champion into their own 8-bit adventure.  However, this time Riot has taken it even further with unlockable champions, customizations, and larger settings from all across Runterra - including Bandle City, Bilgewater and the Freljord.  Plus it has poros, so that automatically makes it better by an order of magnitude. 

Players are charged with rescuing poros from Baron Nashor, using Blitzcrank's trademark rocket grab to pull them to safety.  The rules are simple - you constantly run behind the poros to keep them out of Baron Nashor's reach, either by bumping them forward or pulling them to you.  Whenver you successfully grab a poro you receive a small gold reward.  Gold can used to purchase helpful items (all of which should be familiar to you) or skins for your character.  Your initial health bar consists of three hearts. But they don't deplete when you take damage. You lose one every time a poro falls behind.  Lose all them all and the game is over.  

Along the way you'll meet various other champions as both playable characters and bosses.  Nautilus, Thresh and Corki will be unlocked in turn after completing Story Mode with the previous champion.  Each playable champion will also have some of their in-game skins to unlock for gold - including some of Blitzcrank's most popular skins, as well as his latest, Battle Boss Blitzcrank. Other familiar faces will show up with decidedly anti-poro intentions such as Singed, Gangplank, Jinx, and Lissandra.  The first level culminates in a showdown with Singed, whose poison trail will not only stun the player character but poison the poros.  Such evil cannot go unpunished and you can use your rocket grab to pull in the Mad Chemist for one of the Steam Golem's patented uppercuts. 

The game will be available until the end of the Arcade event on September 1.  In addition to the League of Legends website, players can download the game for free from both the Apple store and Google Play.  You can check out the trailer below.  Now get out there and save those poros!

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Published Aug. 21st 2015

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