Rockstar Spotlights GTA 5's Main Cast

Go Radio Ga-Ga over the new trailers for GTA 5!

Rockstar has made good on their April 30th reveal date and released a trio of trailers highlighting the main characters of Grand Theft Auto V:

Michael - Rich yet rarely appreciated family man starving to add a tinge of chaos to his comfortable life

Franklin - A young man from the unforgiving streets who gets taken in under Michael's wing as the son he never had

Trevor - Michael's unhinged friend that goes clear past trailer trash into trailer nuclear disaster

Despite the character focus, the trailers are in engine and show off some of the vehicles and mayhem that you can expect from the game when it hits September 17th. I can honestly say that the contrast between these 3 guys is the biggest draw for me.

Are you gamers excited? Is there a particular character whose story you're more (or less) interested in delving into? Or do you want to forgo all the talky and get right into the crazy?

 Thanks to Rockstar Games Youtube Channel


"How was the funeral?"

Published Apr. 30th 2013
  • Jeremy
    I think you play as all of them over the course of the game.
  • Stephen Johnston
    Really? Has that been done in a GTA before where you play as different main characters? I think I'll be OK with that.... I'm just not sure.
  • Stephen Johnston
    Which one do you play as?

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