Own Nvidia's GeForce GTX 970? Your PC looks set for The Divison

The definitive experience of The Division seems to be reserved for Nvidia GPU users

Tom Clancey's The Division closed beta will start on the 29th of this month and run till the 31st. In case you haven't signed up yet and are wondering how to get in, Geforce Experience Beta users and those who sign up at Ubisoft's Beta page should be receiving a key. Pre-ordering the game guarantees you access while you could still sign up for the chance to get in.

Is your PC up for the test? Apparently if you own a GTX 970 you should be in the clear.

Nvidia GPU owners will have access to the NVIDIA HBAO+ and NVIDIA PCSS settings during the beta (details on the enhancements can be found here) and according to Ubisoft's recommended GPU's, Nvidia's flagship cards are at the top.

It's rather worrying that the recommended GPU for 1080p is the GTX 970. Perhaps some leeway can be given due to this being a beta and the game will (hopefully) be optimized to offer a bit more options when it comes to the choice of GPUs, especially seeing the steady decline in graphics ever since The Division's E3 2013 trailer. 

None of the gameplay footage we have available right now looks this good. 

So far there hasn't been any gameplay footage of the PC version released to the public and from what we've seen of the console versions, there is a dramatic downgrade in visuals from what was initially showcased. However, Ubisoft does promise more options in terms of customization for PC users and given how demanding the specs for the PC are, I think it's safe to assume the game will look the best on PC. 

Published Jan. 24th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Associate Editor
    Well that sounds holy unoptimised...
  • shox_reboot
    You hit the nail in the head
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Associate Editor
    I got a key. Infact got 2, one from the Beta thing, and one from Ubi. Deleted the emails as soon as I read this... I have a 980TI and play at 1920x1080 but still... principles. (also the preview builds I've played are not that great... standard shooter really).
  • shox_reboot
    I get where you're coming from, but I want to play the beta after seeing the 'recommended' specs. I want to see if they can justify them by actually making the game look like what it should've as they advertised back in 2013.

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