Next-Gen Duck Dynasty Game Set to Release in a Few Weeks

A Duck Dynasty game for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and 3DS is set to release in mid-October.

Although you wouldn't acknowledge it at first, hunting games have always held a prominent role in video games. We've seen it in games like Duck Hunt, Cabela's Big Game Hunter, and soon, courtesy of Activision, we can say the same about Duck Dynasty.

A Duck Dynasty video game (simply titled Duck Dynasty) is coming soon to PlayStation 4Xbox OneXbox 360PlayStation 3, and 3DS on October 14th. The game will be a first person shooter with light golf elements. It might also incorporate live action footage from the show, but watching the trailer, it's not clear if this will actually be in the game, or if it's simply part of the trailer.

Shovelware? Probably.

Initial signs are not promising. The game was first announed on the Duck Dynasty Facebook page, to little fanfare. Activision's own site has yet to list it as an upcoming release, nor is the trailer anywhere to be found on their YouTube page. In fact, it wasn't until NeoGAF picked the story up that sites like Kotaku and Game Informer decided to weigh in. Despite this, the game's already set to release in a few weeks.

In addition, although we know the publisher, no sites have reported who is developing the game. That the game is simply titled "Duck Dynasty" certainly doesn't help impressions.

All of these signs point to Duck Dynasty being a rushed shovelware title that hopes to cash in on the franchise money. (Then again, you could learn just as much just by watching the trailer.)


Published Sep. 24th 2014

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