Battlefield 4 Campaign Walkthrough - Singapore

Singapore can get easily frustrating but have no fear-- here is a walkthrough of the entire mission.

Singapore is mission four in the Battlefield 4 single-player. It can easily be one of the more frustrating maps if you are not careful of the enemy tanks. Depending on which difficulty mode you are playing, you will be faced with various amounts of opposition, but even if you are playing on normal, do not take for granted the power of all the enemy tanks. Throughout your mission, make sure to stop at the Gadget and Weapon crates so you have a fighting chance. 

Below is a walkthrough of the entire Singapore mission and if you would like to see more please visit ChizeloffdaBlock's Guide List. Each guide also includes the locations of all dog tags!

Reaching the Airfield

At the start of the mission, you are informed of Hannah joining your team as the fourth member of your squad. Irish doesn't trust her, but he gets over it and gets into the RHIB boat.

Once you're in the RHIB boat, you'll listen to Captain Garrison's speech. You will be dropped into the water and asked to drive straight until you reach the beach. You don't need to shoot or swerve or anything, just drive towards the objective on your map.

Once you reach the beach, you'll see a weapons crate right in front of you--head to the crate and take cover. Before you head to the weapons crate you will see a white boat along the beach on the left, on the side facing the water. You will find the first set of dog tags. Enemies will start to shoot at you but all you really need to do is keep tagging the enemies so that your allies in the tank will take care of them. Once you move far enough along, just walk behind the tank, using it for cover until you get to the main street. Just keep following the tank, tagging enemies and shooting the ones that get away. Eventually the tank will stop and be hit by an airburst grenade, the crew will exit the tank, and it will be your turn to drive. 

When you take control of the tank, switch to your thermal optics in order to get an enhanced view of your enemies--you can switch by clicking the right mouse button for PC players. Follow your ally tanks until they are destroyed. Once they are hit, you are on your own. Do not just rush forward--instead, hang back and go slow until you destroy all five enemy tanks. 

Head towards the parking garage and destroy all the enemies inside. As you exit the parking garage, you will be met by three enemy vehicles in the field ahead. Make sure to keep moving, but destroy the vehicles one by one before proceeding to the next. If you rush the area and all three vehicles see you, you will die. Take the tank as far as possible until Pac tells you to proceed on foot. 

Head up the stairs and take out the two Chinese soldiers waiting. You'll reach the top-level and be looking down onto a café. When the area is clear, jump down and you will have to listen to Irish and Hannah fighting again. In this club, go behind the bar with the red stools and look on the floor for your second set of dog tags. Once you are able to go through the door at the far side of the café, make your way to the bus. Enter and move to the other side. You will need to take out some enemies and then your character will start to stumble and eventually be pinned by a car. You won't have control during this scene. Once you can move forward there will be two enemy soldiers waiting for you. 

Reaching the Target Area

Go inside, and you will not be targeted until you start the fight. Take out all the enemies in the hanger and start to push your way forward. In this area you'll see the big blue and white plane, and the third set of dog tags will be on the plane's left wing. Once the area is cleared, go to the exit of the hanger and you will hop into a vehicle and take control of a mounted machine gun. Eventually you will crash and find out that Hannah betrayed you, which will end your mission. 

 If you wish to view more of my guides, walkthroughs, and bug fixes for Battlefield 4 then go to ChizeloffdaBlock's Guide List.

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Published Nov. 15th 2013
  • kai montes
    well i just started button mashing and holding circle too and i finally got out but when i got out i couldnt look around and i was stick looking forward so it was hard to kill enemies
  • DawnPHenry
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    I've played the campaign and I've had no issues whatsoever.
  • Bill_7503
    Can't get Recker out of the boat no matter what I do . what a waste of$60
  • EN_48
    I too am stuck in the boat. Kykid_1292 Did you manage to get out?. My default enter/exit button is E but that does not work. I have a box that appears on the right hand side that says 'hold to exit' but there is no icon in it. Confused???? I am running this game on a pc with win7 64bit 3g RAM 2.93 quad core 2g graphics card. Any thoughts?
  • kykid_1292
    How do you get Recker out of the boat once you get to the beach? I have tried every thing and he won't get out.
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    Well, it depends on what system you are on. I haven't heard anything about a bug in that part of the mission. So I would assume that you need to press the enter/exit vehicle button on whichever console you are playing on.

    I know that default for PC is the key 'e', for Xbox 360 and Xbox One you have to hold down the 'x' button, PS3 i believe is the 'o' button.

    Whichever button is your interact/enter/exit vehicle button is the one you want to press.

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