Battlefield 4 Campaign Walkthrough: Mission 2 - Shanghai

A walkthrough of Siege of Shanghai campaign mode in Battlefield 4.

Mission 2 of the Campaign mode in Battlefield 4 is the Siege of Shanghai. Once you start the level, it is one of the more involved missions in the game, surprisingly, since it comes so early. But nonetheless here is a walkthrough of the mission and tips to finding the collectible dog tags! If you would like to see other levels and guides click here!

Reaching the Hotel

You start the mission in the back seat of a van, making your way to secure three VIPs in the hotel across the city. The other squad members, Irish and Pac, are driving the van when it crashes into a wall because the streets are flooded with civilians and Chinese military.

Once you get out of the van you head straight toward the end of an alley way, where Pac will pick the lock and let you and your squad in. At this point, if you turn to your right and go down the alley until you can make a second left you will find the first dog tag, stuck to the door. You know you are near the tag when you hear a chime--the same sound you hear when you receive a weapon or medal! 

Make your way back to the gate, where Pac and Irish will lead you to a ladder that you will need to climb up. Once you are on the roof of the building a second ladder will be to your right--slide down this ladder and head toward the hotel across the street.

Getting the VIPs

When you reach the last door on the side of the building, turn left and enter the lobby. Immediately after entering, you will turn right to ride the elevator to the floor that holds the VIPs. Pac will hand you a weapon, then you can wait until the elevator door opens. The door will open on the wrong floor and you will need to shoot at the enemies. Once you do this though, the enemies will know that you are in the building and you will need to be careful from here on out. 

Once the doors open again, step out of the elevator and look up on the wall, there you will find your next set of dog tags! You will get out of the elevator and go until you take two lefts, where you will see an enemy by the stairs. Take out all the enemies on that floor and work your way to the top of the building. Use anything you can find for cover and don't forget to run past the weapons crates for more ammo! 

At the upper balcony, Pac will need to handle the security gate. While he is doing that you and Irish will hold off enemies that will come rushing up the stairs from both sides. The game recommends you use the Claymores for this part, but it is entirely up to you, and how good your aim is! You don't need to use the explosives at all for this part of the mission.

Go through the security gate and down the hall to the staircase. Head up the stairs and the very next floor is where the VIPs will be. Since the van crashed earlier, and was the escape plan, the team decides to go to the roof to take control of a helicopter.

Securing the Helicopter

Follow you squad up to the roof and you'll see a weapons crate to stock up and swap guns. You will be on higher ground than your enemy, so just go out the door in front of you and start clearing out the enemies down below. 

Once all the enemies are handled, run over to the helicopter and try to help your VIPs into the vehicle. You will be shot at and the VIPs will fly off in the helicopter and leave you behind with Pac and Irish. More enemy soldiers will come out and join you on the roof, but you can easily take care of these guys if you make use of the cover that's provided by the air conditioning units. 

Returning to the Waterfront

Now, you have to make your way back to the the waterfront. Go to the elevator again and ride it down to the bottom floor. Once the doors open you will need to shoot your way out to the front courtyard. Don't mistake the fact that you can't see very many enemies, and think that they aren't out there, because if you just run into the courtyard you will die! 

Once in the courtyard, you will see an enemy helicopter start to drop off some soldiers in the middle. If you just shoot at them while they are coming off the ladder, it is real easy and fast to get past this part. 

Next, you'll run through the courtyard and make your way to the other side of the map, when a tank will start to chase you and your squad. Turn left and run through the alleys that you were running through at the beginning of the map. When you come to the area the tank can't reach, go past the tree and you see your third set of dog tags on the gate behind it. Your team will lead you to a crate of C4--equip yourself with it and wait for the tank to drive around. Run up behind the tank and stick at least two C4s to the back of the tank, wait for the tank to get a safe distance away, and detonate the C4. You will have to do the same thing for two tanks total.

Getting to the Boat

All that's left is to follow your squad to the waterfront where you will be the first to get on. Wait until the boat pulls up to the dock and open the gate in front to get in the boat. 

The rest of the map is a cut scene that leads into the South China Sea level. 

I hope you found this walkthrough insightful and helpful! If you wish to view more of my guides, walkthroughs, and/or bug fixes for Battlefield 4 then go to ChizeloffdaBlock's Guide List. 

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