Luigi's Death Stare on a Local News Channel?

Mario Kart 8 gets into the spotlight of a local Fox 5 news channel.

Mario Kart 8 hit shelves just a little less than a week ago and has awesome reviews. The game has increased Wii U sales by an outstanding amount 666 percent in its first weekend. 

As with all games, reviewers always find little quirks about a game that end up making a splash in the gaming community. This time it's "Luigi's Death Stare" any time he passes and hits an opponent. 

The original video that captured the stare showcased Luigi passing Waluigi after the latter had been hit with a green turtle shell. The video sparked a number of internet memes and videos hilariously capturing the expression. Everyone has rightfully been obsessed with it since.

Many memes and fan art has popped up including ones like this (some being a little too strongly worded to put here)

The stare has become so popular it made local news in one town on a - I'm guessing - slow news day. Ignoring that the news anchor completely botches the name "Mario," one would wonder why this is such a news worthy event. But anyhow it's great that video games are getting some fun and laughable exposure in the real world as opposed to the negative commentary often exhibited. 

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Published Jun. 4th 2014

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