Fortnite Guide: 6 More Landing Spots and Routes


This is my favorite spot in which to land in recent history. You can ideally start at the house on the east side of the track, or you can go to the western fort. If you notice a few players landing with you, you can opt to land further east; there are a few buildings just over the small hill near the track. After landing, you have a ton of options for your route.

  • If you have a really great circle that is really close/already surrounding you, then you should travel to the Moisty Mire. Even if you'd be leaving the circle, the Moisty Mire is a great spot to fill in any gaps in your inventory from the start, and it is fairly safe. You can go to the prison from the mire or continue southwest to the stack of cars we mentioned earlier.
  • If you got really good loot upon landing, then you should think about heading to Fatal Fields or Salty Springs to see if you can take out a few players before the circle shrinks. That way you can loot the weapons they got instead of looking for treasure chests.
    • "Pro" Tip: Other players love to harvest, so if you're low on material, getting a quick kill or two should definitely help you get the resources you need to build a worthy fort.
  • I also like to head north from the racetrack to this little trailer park that typically has a lot of loot in a small amount of space. It also has RVs for gathering metal. You need to be careful here, though, because people like to visit this area from the Lonely Lodge and Retail Row. It's also in a valley, which means you don't have the high ground when you are there, so you need to move quickly. If you're the more aggressive type, be sure to stay on top of the hills in the area and look down into that space for advantageous fights.
  • A more arduous but still valid journey is the trip north of the racetrack. You can head to the Lonely Lodge and clean up over there or begin to head towards the Tomato Town tunnel. There is a secret room in the tunnel by the orange car, which you should always check for a chest or two if you're near the area. Just tear down the wall in front of the orange car, and you should find the room.
Published Feb. 5th 2018

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