Link and Sora duke it out in ScrewAttack video

ScrewAttack's most recent One Minute Melee video pits the wielder of the Master Sword against the budding Keyblade master.

A YouTube channel took two heroes from separate franchises and tossed them together in a battle of epic (and short-lived) proportions. ScrewAttack threw Legend of Zelda's Link against Kingdom Hearts' Sora earlier this week on November 2nd in an addition to their "One Minute Melee" series.

ScrewAttack often jumps in to settle inevitable "who would win?" debates. This is done through two different web series: "Death Battle" and "One Minute Melee." In a Death Battle video, opponents each give their all to the brawl after grueling research by the series' creators. One Minute Melee ditches research in pursuit of pure whimsy. The new video follows this path of minimal prep-work.

The video opens on Link effortlessly downing Goofy and Donald as Sora comes out of unconsciousness. Despite the lack of research, the very nature of the opening presents a fantastic nod to Kingdom Hearts and the sleepy-headed Sora who awakens to trouble or "sleeps" through a mess of it on more than one occasion. The boy desperately needs healthier sleep patterns (Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance, anyone?). Sora's wakefulness marks the beginning of battle.

The fan-made video pays tribute to Legend of Zelda via the setting, as the entire sequence takes place in the Gerudo Valley. While Death Battle would feature far more of the characters' specialties, the One Minute Melee gets the job done with plenty of familiar sound cues from both characters and at least a few signature moves. The end of the match comes shortly after Link's finishing blow, for example, complete with final leap. Sora even accesses his Limit Form from Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix after classic Kingdom Hearts game mechanics pop up on screen.

A bit of research (just a little!) might have saved Link the embarrassment of yielding his sword in the wrong hand; the hero fights right-handed for the duration of the video. The nerd shame is real.

This video isn't the first on ScrewAttack's channel to star our beloved green-clad hero. Three years ago, Link squared off against Cloud in a ten minute Death Battle that gained more than 8 million views total. Link faired more successfully then, largely thanks to his additional weapons and items.

What do you think of the video's conclusion? What would change in a Death Battle version? Discuss without a time limit in the comments below.

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Published Nov. 3rd 2015
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    This doesn't seem fair in my opinion. If it's Twilight Princess's Link then this battle makes sense. But if it was Ocarina of Time's Link? Provided that Sora was allowed to use forms, I'd say that OoT/MM Link is more than a match. Fierce Deity mask, anyone? If Link is literally allowed to go "God Mode" I'd say Sora would be a smoking crater.
  • Steven Payne
    It was a great fight and a good finish since they're both good guys. Although I thought it silly that link got hit in the back at the end. Especially since usually during his finishing jump his shield is on his back. The shield that deflects EVERYTHING. Good fight though.
  • Jade Arsenault
    I'd love to see a Death Battle video about this. I love them both, but it seems incredibly obvious to me that had research been done, Link would not have been on the losing side (Depending on WHICH Link Sora was fighting, I suppose).
  • Gabriella Graham
    Featured Contributor
    I have to agree with you there. Considering the thought put into the Death Battles, I'd think it'd be pretty fun to watch and plenty fair. I'm also not sure how Sora wins given that fact that he was unconscious in the very beginning, haha.
  • tobes325
    I loved this! I was sat very tensely watching, I thought Link was gonna win! I am a fan of both but from that battle I think it was fought fairly! :D

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