Marvel Snap: Best Token Shop Cards Tier List

Purchase only the best cards from the Token Shop in Marvel Snap with the help of our tier list guide.

All Marvel Snap players know the feeling when the have a high Collection Level but they still can't get the card they want. Fortunately, the developer has added a Token Shop to the game, where players can purchase single cards they miss.

Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best Token Shop cards in Marvel Snap.

S-Tier Token Shop Cards


  • Collection Level: Pool 3.
  • Ongoing: Your cards with no abilities have +2 Power.

Patriot is the ultimate budget card, which for some reason becomes available only at Collection Level: Pool 3. Fortunately, you can get it in the Token Shop a lot earlier and significantly improve your cheap cards with no abilities.

Currently, the biggest winner deck that uses Patriot is Abomination/Onslaught archetype that doubles this card's ongoing effect, and turns your smallest minions into the most formidable forces.

Mister Negative

  • Collection Level: Pool 3.
  • On Reveal: Swap the Power and Cost of all cards in your deck.

Mister Negative combo archetype has been one of the most consistent lists in Marvel Snap. If you've always wanted to try this-top tier deck, then purchasing Mister Negative from the Token Shop is totally worth it.

You can play Mister Negative as soon as turn three with the help of Psylocke, which gives you an extra energy. The sooner you play this card, the better results you can have with an otherwise super budget deck.


  • Collection Level: Pool 3.
  • Effect: When you play a card here, swap it with a card in your deck.

Lockjaw is one of the best cards in Pool 3 that allows players to quickly find the required combo piece in their deck and put it on board instead of another cheap minion.

One of the best combos players can achieve with Lockjaw is to get Sera via Nova, and then play Brood with a number of buff cards. But the potential here is massive, so don't skip this card if you see it in your Token Shop.

A-Tier Token Shop Cards


  • Collection Level: Pool 3.
  • On Reveal: Copy all cards your opponent played this turn, but on your side.

Leader can be used in both combo lists, as well as in midrange decks with no particular plan except winning by better gameplay. What makes this card special is that it almost always wins you the game.

It's not advisable to play Leader as soon as possible, as this card is all about strategic surprise. Wait for it until the very end of the match-up, and if you see that one of your locations loses to opponent, then play Leader at that location to overtake the initiative and win the game.


  • Collection Level: N/A.
  • Effect: On turn 5, you get to see your opponent's plays before you make your own.

This card is a perfect candidate for your Token Shop wish list, as you cannot unlock it by simply upgrading your Collection Level. This card has been available only via a Premium Access Battle Pass, but now you can also get it in the Token Shop, and you should.

It allows you to see your opponent's turn before it happens, and decide whether you want to keep going and take an assured victory, or if you see that things don't go your way, then quickly retreat. It's a truly unique card!


  • Collection Level: Pool 3.
  • Ongoing: Your On Reveal abilities at this location happen twice.

Wong is a solid card that makes all your On Reveal cards so much more powerful. You don't even need to figure out any combos, just play your strongest On Reveal cards and see yourself win every time.

Of course, the success of this card greatly depends on the quality of your On Reveal cards, so here are a few suggestion that you might want to look into: Leader, Thor, Odin, Jessica Jones, and Medusa.

B-Tier Token Shop Cards


  • Collection Level: Season 01.
  • On Reveal: Next turn, cards in both players' hands cost 4.

Wave can play a double role in your deck. First, it can reduce the cost of your most expensive cards to 4 Energy, and second, it can increase the cost of all cheap cards in your opponent's hand.

Typically, Wave needs to be played once you have your expensive win condition in the hand, and you're ready to take over the game next turn. This may include such cards like Death, Hela, The Infinaut, and others.


  • Collection Level: Pool 3.
  • Ongoing: Cards in your hand cost 1 less.

If you're not impressed with the Wave's ability, but you still want a way to reduce the cost of your cards (albeit in a much safer way) then Sera would be a better alternative.

You can play it on turn four with the help of Psylocke and play all your big boys one turn earlier. You may not be able to play Death this way, but there are other ways to put it on board, such as Killmonger or Elektra.

Those are the best Token Shop cards in Marvel Snap. Be sure to check out other tips guides, as well, such as those for tie breakers, how to upgrade cards, and how move and destroy effects work


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Published Dec. 12th 2022

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