Marvel Snap: How to Move and Destroy Cards

We lay out the ill-explained mechanics of moving and destroying cards in Marvel Snap, with a list of all move and destroy cards and locations to find.

Given the random nature of unlocking most of the cards in Marvel Snap, it’s likely you’ll come across an ability that synergizes with cards either being moved or destroyed. Though, you may not have the means to use it immediately. This is almost a certainty if you opt for the Battle Pass straight out of the gate. This may leave you wondering how to move and destroy cards. 

It’s not a case of missing an input or anything like that, so don’t think you’ve overlooked something in the tutorial. You’ll just have to keep upgrading your cards until you unlock one that has a move or destroy ability. Either that, or hope your next match draws a location that has such an effect. It's as simple as that.

However simple the general idea and explanation may be, there are plenty of move and destroy cards to unlock. We've laid them out below complete with their effects, alongside the locations that have these abilities, to better help you while playing. 

Move Cards in Marvel Snap

A good early-game move strat is to field Nightcrawler as soon as you can, which lets you follow up quickly with Miles Morales for a cost of 1 rather than 4. A well-timed Doctor Strange too can trigger a lot of these effects, as many cards gain power for moving. 

  • Aero: On Reveal: Move all enemy cards played this turn to this location.
  • Blink: You can move this each turn. When it moves, +1 Power.
  • Blob: Ongoing: Nothing can move this to another location.
  • Captain Marvel: At the end of the game, move to a location that wins you the game (if possible).
  • Cloak: On Reveal: Next turn, both players can move cards to this location.
  • Colossus: Ongoing: Can't be destroyed, moved, or have its Power reduced.
  • Dagger: When this moves to a location, +2 Power for each card your opponent has there.
  • Doctor Strange: Move your highest power cards to this location.
  • Ghost Spider: On Reveal: Move the last card you played here.
  • Heimdall: On Reveal: Move your other cards one location to the left.
  • Human Torch: When this moves, double its Power.
  • Iron Fist: On Reveal: Move the next card you play one location to the left after it reveals.
  • Juggernaut: On Reveal: If your opponent played cards here this turn, move them randomly.
  • Kingpin: When a card moves here on turn 6, destroy it.
  • Kraven: When a card moves here, this gets +2 power.
  • Magneto: On Reveal: Move all opposing 3 and 4-Cost cards to this location.
  • Miles Morales: If a card moved last turn, this costs 1.
  • Multiple Man: When this moves, add a copy to the old location.
  • Nightcrawler: Can be moved once.
  • Polaris: On Reveal: Move an opposing 1 or 2-Cost card to this location.
  • Professor X: Ongoing: Lock down this location. Cards can’t be added, removed, etc.
  • Silk: When anyone plays a card here, move this to another location.
  • Space Stone (Thanos Summon): On Reveal: Next turn you can move 1 card at this location. Draw a card.
  • Surtur: If you move the Human Torch to this location, +10 Power.
  • Vision: You can move this each turn.
  • Vulture: When this card moves, +5 Power.
  • Yo-Yo: When this card moves, move it back with +1 Power.

Destroy Cards in Marvel Snap 

There are some pretty wild synergies to be made if you’re brave enough to roll a deck that relies on you destroying your own cards. One, in particular, is pairing Carnage with cards that offer bonuses for having been destroyed, such as Wolverine, Deadpool, and Sabretooth, all of which can be replayed while also serving as fodder for Carnage’s damage bonus for destroying friendly cards.  

Death, too, while costing an absurd 9 energy to field by default, can be quite quickly managed down if paired with the above, and cards such as Killmonger, who will destroy all of the opposing player's 1-cost cards, and Deathlok, who will destroy all your cards at the location he's played. 

  • Angel: When one of your cards is destroyed, this flies out of your deck to replace it.
  • Armor: Ongoing: Cards at this location can't be destroyed.
  • Arnim Zola: On Reveal: Destroy a random friendly card here; add copies of it to the other locations.
  • Black Knight: When this is destroyed, draw a card.
  • Bucky Barnes: When this is destroyed, create the Winter Soldier in its place.
  • Carnage: On Reveal: Destroy your other cards here. +2 Power for each destroyed.
  • Colossus: Ongoing: Can't be destroyed, moved, or have its Power reduced.
  • Deadpool: When this is destroyed, return it to your hand with double the Power.
  • Death: Costs 1 less for each card destroyed this game.
  • Deathlok: On Reveal: Destroy your other cards at this location.
  • Destroyer: On Reveal: Destroy your other cards.
  • Elektra: On Reveal: Destroy a random enemy 1-Cost card at this location.
  • Galactus: On Reveal: If this is your only card here, destroy all other locations.
  • Gambit: On Reveal: Discard a card from your hand. Destroy a random enemy card.
  • Killmonger: On Reveal: Destroy ALL 1-Cost cards.
  • Kingpin: When a card moves here on turn 6, destroy it.
  • Lady Deathstrike: On Reveal: Destroy the enemy card with the highest Power at this location.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead: When any card is played here, destroy this card AND that card.
  • Nova: When this is destroyed, give your cards +1 Power.
  • Sabretooth: When this is destroyed, return it to your hand. It costs 0.
  • Shadow King: On Reveal: Destroy all other cards that have 2 or less Power.
  • Shang-Chi: On Reveal: Destroy all enemy cards at this location that have 9 or more Power.
  • Stryfe: If your opponent has 12+ Power here at the end of any turn, destroy this.
  • Uncle Ben: When this card is destroyed, add Spider-Man to your hand.
  • Venom: On Reveal: Destroy your other cards at this location. Add their Power to this card.
  • Wolverine: When this is discarded or destroyed, play it at a random location.

Locations with Move or Destroy Effects

Some locations have effects that can either move or destroy your cards, too. These function in the same way as if you’d triggered the condition yourself and can be used to your advantage with some strategic thinking. 

  • Bifrost: After turn 4, move all cards one location to the right.
  • Danger Room: Cards played here have a 25% chance to be destroyed.
  • Death’s Domain: When you play a card here, destroy it.
  • Fisk Tower: When a card moves here, destroy it.
  • Hala: At the end of turn 4, destroy all cards controlled by the player losing here.
  • K’un-Lun: When a card moves here, give it +2 Power.
  • Murderworld: At the end of turn 3, destroy all cards here.
  • New York: On turn 6, you can move cards to this location.
  • Strange Academy: At the end of turn 5 move all cards here to other random locations.

That's every card and location with a move or destroy ability accounted for discovered in the game so far – now it's just a case of building some tricky decks to really mess with other players and build up your competitive rank. For more, here are the best cards in the game and a quick explainer on tie breakers


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Published Oct. 26th 2022

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